durban poison

  1. F

    Live Stoners Hello I am Foos and I am new

    Greetings to all, Very happy to find AFN. A couple of years ago I threw some street weed seeds into a planter box on our gazebo. It grew. I transplanted it. Then another. Didn't get good results from the first two. Did it again the next year and ended up with some decent bud from two...
  2. K

    Outdoor Corn Field Grow in German/Danish Border

    Hi i am a newbie at Outdoor Growing and would like some advice. I heard that it is best to keep Autos in very big pots from start which i dont have for maximum yield and am trying to figure out when to start popping some seeds. The Corn Plants around are about 15-20cm / 6-8inches and i heard...
  3. Koalabeer

    Outdoor Auto and Photo Grow up North - Light Deprivation Party!

    Hi growers from around the world, 5 photos and 6 autos are chillin' in the sunny garden and are receiving lots of love and pleasure-pain :naughtystep:. 2017 was not only the year a Morty got elected president of the citadel of Ricks (amazing) but also the year I failed completely at growing...
  4. McDee

    Dutch Passion Durban Poison rosin?

    Anybody make rosin from Durban Poison? Just start my 1st Dutch Passion grow, and just put together my rosin press at the beginning of the new year. So been mostly smoking rosin. Durban I hope will be good for in the morning, but don't know how well it will press. Hope it is good for making rosin...
  5. Tom'sinflatedballs

    New Grower 1st Grow- DP Auto Durban Posion LED Grow

    Hey everyone. I have been lurking around similar sites for a while, always thinking one day I will grow me a plant. Then one night I said F it and let's just dive right in. I always have learned by doing anyways. So here I am starting my first grow, excited as all hell, and a little...
  6. ironnoob

    Indoor Ironnoobs 2200w 2metre tent, Dutch passion and mephisto

    hey all! Merry Christmas! Lets get straight down and dirty! About me Iv been growin for a few years now with only a couple successful yields. It really is a learning curve but an enjoyable one, so yeah I love the smoke but it's encouraged me to grow vegetables and flowers aswell! Here's some...
  7. Fuggzy

    Dutch Passion DP by DP by Fuggzy.

    Hi guys. This is going to be my first grow of DP genetics, I am going to do a Durban Poison auto, and hope to knock it out the park. I have been waiting to grow this sucker due to height restriction, but I just upgraded to a 6.5' tall tent. It will be grown under a 600w hps. I am in the process...
  8. Torquemada

    New Grower Is my AutoDurban Poison too small for 8 days from sprout?

    This is my third grow. First two were Afghan Skunk Auto (Advanced Seeds) that went very well. This time around I'm growing a different strain - AutoDurban Poison in a slightly modified soil setup. I added 1.5 liters of perlite in a 7 liter container for better drainage. I'm used to Afghan Skunk...