fast and vast

  1. Samwell

    OLD REVIEWS Heavyweight Seeds - Fast & Vast

    SeedBank : Heavyweight Seeds Strain: Fast & Vast Did it autoflower?: Yes, showed sex about day 15 Soil/hydro: Coco Loco Nutes: MegaCrop, Sweet Candy Light (kind and schedule): 200W Chinese LED at 18/6 From seed to harvest date: 65 days Dry Yield: 12 g (solo cup grow)...
  2. PharmaZ

    Outdoor PharmaZ mars hydro Fast&Vast + black domina x Afgan KUSH Photoperiod

    Hey all, Doing another grow in my small cab. It's really small as you will see in the pics to come. Strains: 1 x Fast & Vast AUTO 1 x Afgan KUSH x Black domina (photo) It's a soil + coco mix Im having some difficulties at the moment but Hopfully we can get them cleared up with some help...
  3. T

    New Grower Fast and Vast Ideal Nutes for NFT Hydro (and when shall I switch lights)

    Hi everyone Was keen to get some direction on the ideal nutes for a Fast and Vast grow in NFT. Some info on my setup I have a 100ltr tank, tap water runs at EC .6 (perfect!), ph always between 5.8-6.2, x2 600 HID lights with veg bulbs For all previous grows, none of which are autos, I always...
  4. B

    Indoor Newbie fast and vast 1st grow day 28

    Hi all complete newbie have chose to grow heavyweights fast and vast. So far it's at day 28 and was wondering if anyone could tell me how they think it is going? It's been grown under a 600w hps and in organic soil only thing it's been feed is plain water and a little bit of seasol. Any help...
  5. B

    Need some help Fast and vast grow day 28

    Hi all its my 1St grow and have gone with heavyweights fast and vast. It's now at day 28 can someone please tell me how it's going? grown under a 600w hps. Leaves are turning down at the tips aswell
  6. Daipot

    Indoor Round two!!! Moby dick xxl, fast and vast and northern lights x big bud auto grow!

    roll up, roll up!!! I just finished my first grow and I've thought to hell with it! Let's grow some more!!! The set up remains the same as last time: 1.2x1.2x2 meter tent 600w hps Three fans inside the tent for plant movement Intake fan sucking in fresh air Outage fan fitted with a filter All...
  7. PharmaZ

    Indoor PharmaZ's Mars Hydro Fast&Vast auto Grow

    Welcome to my first auto LED grow. Aside from a few CFL grows with regular photos (no journal) this will be my first quality grow. I was hoping for some guidance and influence from the professional autoflower community here so any comments and advice will be truely welcomed! I've been lurking...
  8. Daipot

    New Grower Tips for first grow

    hi guys and girls. I'll be starting my first grow later this and I'm both very excited to start doing this and also very nervous, as you could imagine. I have a few questions that id like answering by the community if anyone would be kind enough to help? So the best way for me too do this is...
  9. nixy

    Indoor Fast & Vast - Soil organic CFL/LED

    hi everyone I was reading threads in AFN for a while, learned many things here very useful, so i decided to create an account and finally start growing. hopefully you guys will help me with my first grow ever. 2 weeks ago I got my seeds from herbies and planted 1 heavyweight fast and vast to...
  10. XxxAuto

    Indoor Heavyweight Seeds

    Say hello to Here I go again !! I am a lucky guy who HWS sponsored 3 different strains from their Auto assortment. They want too see me grow their seeds, and follow my grow journal. Do U wanna go for another ride again ?? This time we get our backpacks, and goes to Spain... With lots...
  11. Xraylaser

    Outdoor Fast and Vast, 2 Fast 2 Vast, and Devil Cream Auto Outdoor

    Hello All! The following plants germinated 24 days ago. Thanks to our unseasonably warm weather here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, they are growing quite nicely. This is my second year of growing. Last year was photosensitive plants. Soil is 50% Happy Frog, 50% Root Organics B2 in 5...
  12. crowster

    New Grower fast and vast in soil

    hi guys i am halfway through a fast and vast grow, was looking into other peeps growing which led me to this site, became a member, found some really useful info from other fast and vast grows so thought i would start posting my grow as it may help others aswell? so i have them all in a soil...