great white

  1. G

    Nutrients Advanced Nutrients - EC, Cal-Mag, & Bloom Boosters

    Hey all! G-Diddy Dank here... professional cultivator and entrepreneur. I’m new to the community and haven’t been active on forums in almost two decades... but I’m looking forward to kicking some knowledge around as well as learning a thing or two from all of you! I’m about to do my first...
  2. GreenMersh

    Indoor RocBud/Mephisto 5x5 grow.

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to get my journal started for this next grow. The plan is to veg out 2 photoperiods while my 4 autoflowers run their cycle on a 18/6 light schedule. Once they are harvested or pretty much done gonna throw the photoperiods into flower on 12/12. The reason for the...
  3. B

    Grow Mediums In res or top feed: ReCharge & Great White Mycorrhizae

    I’ve seen some growers say they top-feed a little bit of Recharge (not enough for runoff) and/or top feed Great White...and some growers put it directly into the res (usually they’re running Hydroguard to control clogging lines). What are your thoughts and advice? Recharge has molasses, so it...
  4. A

    New Grower UK cab grow led

    Hi everyone. Just joined. I have been growing on and off indoor and outdoor in the UK for a few years and currently have 2 zkittles auto by fast buds indoors and I'm in the middle of moving some more autos outside which I will make another journal for. I made my grow cab 2 years ago and...
  5. guido420

    Indoor Guido's First Auto LED/CFL... Black Skull Seeds Diesel-Matic

    While not the first time for me, it is the first Auto. Not to mention the first time in Hawaii. Oh and first time in a Tent. Needless to say I didn't do good. I killed some prime seeds starting out. So I was lucky and my order from Single Seed Centre showed up. I grabbed the Black Skull...