jack 47

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    Indoor Sweet Seeds Variety Grow

    Space: 8'x16' Lights: 5 x Illumitex NeoSol DS 520 Watt Light Schedule: 20/4 Base: Promix HP Nutrients: Sensi Bloom A&B and full AN nutrient line Containers: 5 gallon Airpots Seeds: 3 x Dark Devil, 3 x Red Poison, 4 x Big Devil XL, 4 x Cream Manderine XL, 3 x Jack 47, and 3 x Killer Kush -...
  2. E

    Outdoor Maria's Spring Madness: SS Jack 47, Mandarin XL, Dark Devil, FB Green Crack, G14, C-4, DP AutoMazar

    Dear AFN amigos and amigas! The time has come to start Maria's Spring Madness Auto Grow - it's going to be a lot of fun! The Seeds / Strains: All auto strains (my photos are in other grow journals in the Outdoor forum, see my signature line), ordered through Seed City. I'm just doing 1 plant...
  3. Microwave

    Sweet Seeds Jack 47 Smoke Report

    SeedBank : Sweet Seeds Strain: Jack 47 Did it autoflower?: Yes, around day 20 or so Soil/hydro: Soil. FoxFarm Ocean Forest Nutes: General Hydroponics line of nutes: FloraDuo A, FloraDuo B, Floralicious Plus, Liquid Koolbloom Light (kind and schedule): 90w led ufo full spectrum grow light...