killer kush

  1. Auto Gorilla OG Day 52  SHE'S A MONSTER!

    Auto Gorilla OG Day 52 SHE'S A MONSTER!

    Today's report Auto Gorilla OG Day 52 High Temp 81 Average temp is 75 Low temp 68 High RH 58% Average Rh is 48% Low RH 35% Nutrients- ph'd down to 5.58 2.5 ml of silica, 5 ml of house and garden coco part A & B, 2ml Liquid Kool Bloom, 5ml of diamond nectar, 2ml of hydroguard, .6ml mammoth P...
  2. Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Today's report Auto Gorilla OG Day 16 Killer Kush Day 8 High temp - 83 Low temp - 71 High RH - 65% Low RH - 48% Reservoir PH- Increased from 5.56 to 5.93- I believe that this is caused by the distilled water. Not sure. Reservoir current temp. 68 degrees. First feed as follows 15ml of Armor Si...
  3. Sweet Seeds Jay

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Gelato Auto® [New 2019]

    Sweet Gelato Auto® 5th generation autoflowering strain. Autoflowering version of one of the most powerful and famous American lines, coming from the San Francisco Bay (California): Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”) is one of the most appreciated exponents of the Cookies...
  4. J

    Indoor Sweet Seeds Variety Grow

    Space: 8'x16' Lights: 5 x Illumitex NeoSol DS 520 Watt Light Schedule: 20/4 Base: Promix HP Nutrients: Sensi Bloom A&B and full AN nutrient line Containers: 5 gallon Airpots Seeds: 3 x Dark Devil, 3 x Red Poison, 4 x Big Devil XL, 4 x Cream Manderine XL, 3 x Jack 47, and 3 x Killer Kush -...
  5. Duggy

    Sweet Seeds Duggys..KillerKush..CreamMandarine

    Cleaning tent in preperation for germing a Killer Kush Auto and Cream Mandarine Auto... Will be started under 50w of LED and moved under 250w hps when it becomes available in a few weeks. To be grown in 15L Autopots with Coco and Perlite and Ionic nutrients.. Will update once germination...
  6. Yozhik

    Sweet Seeds Yozhik's First Grow: Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel, Cream Mandarine, Devil Cream and Killer Kush

    STRAINS: Sweet Seeds … 3 x Cream Caramel Auto, 3 x Killer Kush Auto, 3 x Devil Cream Auto, 2 x Cream Mandarine Auto. EQUIPMENT: Green-Qube '[GQ2030] … 200 x 300 x 220 [up to] 4 x 600w HPS and 3 x 600w GroGlo [Version 5] LEDs 6L Airpots transplanted into 30L Airpots, or directly into 20L...