1. W

    Outdoor Pakistan kush x short stuff #1 f1 sativa pheno [Outdoors]

    I believe they were planted in June and began flowering on July 19
  2. Some ready for harvest . end of 9 weeks.

    Some ready for harvest . end of 9 weeks.

    All plants are between 9-10 weeks from seed. 4 plants came out for harvest. 12 others will be out during the following week. :weed:
  3. Seven weeks from seed.

    Seven weeks from seed.

    Some blemish marks on some due to a light feed mix and fast growing plants. No worries here . amazing looking F1 with top winners in the pheno hunt. There is one plant that Smell's of watermelon :yoinks: I wasn't expecting that one. The kush male that went into this cross has only two phenos...
  4. Lecter


    Plants are 39 days from seed.
  5. All systems go

    All systems go

    Plants have small fast phenos and tall slower flowering phenos . some are citrus others are berry.
  6. Lecter


    Pink livers x kush F1 pheno hunting.
  7. Kush


    Triks kush
  8. M

    New Grower RQS Bubble Kush Auto

    2nd try at growing my own :) My setup : 600W LED MARS HYDRO 2x2x4 tent w/ inline fan and carbon filter Humidifier Oscilating fan Grow medium: Biobizz Lightmix Ph range - 6.3-6.5 Day temp - 26-28C Humidity : 65-78% Light schedule : 20/4, now 18/6 due to extreme heatwave we having...
  9. B.T.K mendo kush

    B.T.K mendo kush

    There are two distinct phenos. I'm happy with that . top dressed today and a full stem crack and leaf removal.
  10. Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Decided to go with Bubble Kush Auto from RQC as my first ever grow. I'm expecting to learn a lot along the way. :toke: So i germinated the seed in paper towel method Sprouted real fast within 48 hours. For this grow I'm going with coco/perlite in 4 Gal pot My starter kit is from Marsh Hydro...
  11. C

    Grow Room Micro Grow, Purple Kush CBD 1:1 Auto.

    Purple Kush CBD 1:1 Auto - Seedsman 9-10 weeks BREEDER/BRAND Seedsman GENETICS Purple Kush CBD Auto x Purple Afghan CBD Auto VARIETY Mostly Indica FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering SEX Feminised THC CONTENT 7% CBD CONTENT 8% GROWS Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME 63 days seed to maturity MEDICINAL...
  12. Autoseeds' Candy Kush (festivus 2019/20 prize)

    Autoseeds' Candy Kush (festivus 2019/20 prize)

    So I started this a little late. I had a lot going on, and to be honest, she was a little disappointing at first. I kept her going, though, and I kept her in style, because I wanted to give her the best that I could, since I said I would. I started off with two of them, as you can see in the...
  13. Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Dinafem's Purple Afghan Kush

    Completed Lilly_of_the_Zoo grows Dinafem's Purple Afghan Kush

    This is the second of my two seed packs won from Dinafem during the Festivus 2020 contests. I only managed to get one out of three seeds to pop on this one. They were smaller, and not as uniformly colored as the Blueberry Cookies. Unfortunate, beacuse I was looking forward to these the most. I...
  14. Ozzie Greenthumb

    New Grower Sour Kush version 1.5 She's a monster!

    So I am a little bit late with this journal as I have been busy with the harvest of the first two plants I grew. I will show you Dolly the other Sour Kush plant. I had her vegging under a 400w cmh hydrofarm light. She popped up June 14th. Today is day 69. Right now I will show you her today and...
  15. D

    Photoperiod Bhaskara Grows: Cheese - Nicole x Banana OG - Big Lights and more.

    Hey guys getting into photos as well and picked up some clones been a ruff ride but with the help of a few people on here and some patience got them nursed back to decent health they are starting to grow again. I have learned above all that clones crave humidity! (Bonus points if u can name the...
  16. Fitzy

    Indoor Seedsman and Royal Queen Seeds by @Fitzy

    So I'm running a skunk#1 from seedsman and a Bouble kush from royal queen seeds both are in 2 gallon fabric pot with bottom 3rd a super soil mix as well as a few other organic nutes for liquid nutes I will be only using kelp me kelp you, kangeroots,and calyx magnum under a DIY bridgelux...
  17. Ozzie Greenthumb

    Light pink stems on Tangerine Dream and Sour Kush autoflower seedlings! Help

    I am a long time grower new to indoor and I recently germinated 1 seed each of the aforementioned. I have a perfect climate as I am an Hvac Master Technician by trade. My medium is 40% coco coir and 60% ocean forest. I have a 600w new led roleandro light. I used the paper towel germination...
  18. K

    New Grower OG Kush autoflower please help

    6330EABF-C281-439E-9D58-3C70EF1727CD by Kush Hunter posted Oct 18, 2018 at 6:43 PM2E0E3047-ED90-4595-92AD-3237622D03DA by Kush Hunter posted Oct 18, 2018 at 6:43 PM7673E51A-0D73-4AEC-933A-0F20D1AB0062 by Kush Hunter posted Oct 18, 2018 at 6:43 PME7891BD5-DF9A-4478-BD46-19132E70677A by Kush...
  19. F

    New Grower First ever grow, 7 Polar Express Auto's Outdoors

    OK, so I done my live intro and was greeted by some of you (will link to intro) and made to feel welcome in the AFN Community. So yeah first ever cannabis grow, I have grown many types of veg and herb and flower in my back garden but never cannabis. So for my first grow I've stuck 2 Polar...
  20. Michael Travis