1. G

    Spectrum - Switching light source mid-run

    I read from credible sources that switching from one type of light to another (HPS to LED OR vice verse, for example) during a plants life can be problematic. Other times it can be advantageous - but that more pertains to adjusting the spectrum of similar sources (switching from MH to HPS when...
  2. D


    Overview of my favorite grow media, why I modify plant shape for LED light, reservoir tubing modifications and how I change it, dealing with high mineral water, and basic indoor grow knowledge.
  3. G

    Quantum Board led's

    Hi guys, I'm currently thinking of upgrading from my ViparSpectra 450W LED's and would welcome some advice. I have a 1Mx1Mx2M tent and want to get a single light that will adequately cover the tent both veg and bloom. Price is an issue, and I'm currently looking at the MarsHydro TS-1000 @£200...
  4. DreamClouds

    First Grow Set Up Advice, Please

    Hello to all. Just trying to finalize a couple major components to my first grow set up. Namely: lights, soil and nutrients. Total Budget for Grow: $6,000 Tent: 6.5’ x 6.5’ x 6.5’ Goal: 4-6 pounds Obviously, I don’t expect to hit my goal on my first grow. But, I do feel like that is a big...
  5. Cannakisses

    Swollen calyx or herm

    I went to check on the ladies today, and I noticed something, I don't know if its swollen calyx, if its hermed, if its hermed what should I do I have another plant in there. I changed the lights couple of week ago and last week removed dead leaves and a few really yellow ones.
  6. Hanzo-hattori

    Lighting COBS ????

    Ok so I’m looking to buy some cobs to replace my HPS I normally run 3x 600w hps. I wanted to replace them with the 600w migro (I know I could use 400 but extra light won’t be such a bad thing) but this light seems pricey so are there any other cobs that can match there performance or better...
  7. Dan from Folux Solutions

    Lighting Regarding Helios (V1) Availability

    Hi all, As many of you know, Canada has legalized four cannabis plants per household today on October 17th, 2018. Since Folux offers the fastest and most affordable international shipping, a recent influx of international orders has caused our product stock to quickly deplete. As of tonight...
  8. G

    Lighting hps/led

    can i put a 250 watt hps in with a 3oo watt led ? for full grow or part doing 4 autos no to big but am going 2 do a bit of lst on them 1st time doing it when should i start this also help me here i have had a few good seed they germed okay but did not come up about 4 out of 6 this happened to...
  9. iWumbo

    Lighting LED vs HPS

    Is there a side by side comparison of hps lighting vs led and cost effectiveNess and the density, temp, any of the factors pros or cons of which is superior?
  10. stillSmokin420

    New Grower Do i need more lights?

    ok this is my 1st grow and im doing it big! HAHA im using my extra bed room L=13ft W=15ft H=10ft i got 50 airpots im gonna pop 50 fem autos from attitude seed. im gonna put 50 pots int he middle of room like the picture....the 50 pots only take up 8x8 i have 2 1000w hps lights is that enough for...
  11. DragonBlood

    Live Stoners How many watts?

    Low budget grow. Led + cfl. Grow space maybe 5ft×5ft. Old bathroom, shower space converted to grow room in basement. Pics will be uploaded. I want to fit maybe 8 small growing plants maybe 4 dark devil + 4 THC Bomb. I have about 200w in LED so far, and I want to have about 400w in cfl. Is that...
  12. ZeGermans

    Lighting Upgrading light, what light ? Is it hear say ?

    Right so im need a new light for an are of 120x80x180 cm i have budget of max pushing the bloody boat out 300,so many good lights the day light 315 for use with philips 315w cmh/Cdm loooks lab quality pretty drawn to that so far
  13. Dr Herb

    Lighting UV Black light

    Has anyone tried using an UV black light along side there normal lighting? And was there any noticeable difference with or with out?
  14. E

    New Grower Hey guys need some genius advice so I came to AFN. R&B or NW? COB or normal LED? Big yielders? etc

    Hi AFN heads, just toying with ideas for my next set up and would appreciate some input.. (not a new grower but never done auto or indoors so technically new) I have a couple Qs and would be grateful for any advice. 1. Are COB lights better than normal LED in terms of harvesting a large...