1. Dr. Babnik

    Indoor Dr. Babniks Botanical Garden - My AFN News Journal

    Hello and welcome, my friends and AFN family! I decided to keep everything in one thead. It takes too much time both for me to update one thread for each strain and for those interested followers to look up 3-4 threads. The individual grow logs in progress will continue here, with reference to...
  2. frogleg

    Mephisto Genetics Frogleg's first DWC Mephisto grow : Deep Blue C and Toofless Alien (testing Frogtech)

    Hey fellas ! :smoking: Welcome to my first journal ! As I'm still new around here, I'll try to make a detailed intro to the thread. But for those of you just who want to get straight to the point, let's start with the basics : - What I am growing : 1 Mephisto Deep Blue C (24 carat x Chem City...
  3. mintberrycrunch

    Indoor MintBerryCrunch's First Auto Tent Log~DP BlueBerry & Dark Devil

    Hey everybody! Long time creeper, first time poster. This will be my 5th grow, 4 of which being autoflowers. Almost all in ghetto stealth CFL cabs lol. One was a speaker, the next was a photo in a gutted dresser, and finally, 2 in a small closet with a 300W CFL. So anyway, I'm finally moving on...