Indoor MintBerryCrunch's First Auto Tent Log~DP BlueBerry & Dark Devil

Jan 25, 2016
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Hey everybody! Long time creeper, first time poster. This will be my 5th grow, 4 of which being autoflowers. Almost all in ghetto stealth CFL cabs lol. One was a speaker, the next was a photo in a gutted dresser, and finally, 2 in a small closet with a 300W CFL.

So anyway, I'm finally moving on up to a grow tent and I'm extremely exited! It fits perfectly inside my closet.
I'm getting an Apollo 36x20x62 tent,
iPower 4" fan & carbon filter setup, and 2 MarsHydro300 white LEDs (280 total actual).

Planning on following TaNgs simple feeding schedule, with sunshine mix #4 and calimagic.

I'd love any criticism or feedback on my plans and equipment! I know the Mars aren't the best lights in the world, but I'm on a bit of a budget :)

Great to be here!
Oh BTW, in my first couple grows. I'll be using Dinafem Auto White Widow, Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry, and Sweet Seeds Dark Devil. I'll probably be doing one blueberry and one Dark Devil on the first go around! I love those strains soooo much.

(I posted a duplicate of this on the Introduction subforum, but I figured it was a good start for my grow log as well!)

Also, a couple old shots from my dresser. It wasn't much, but it got the job done. Current pics to come shortly!
IMG_3219.jpg IMG_3217.jpg
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That's some bloody trunk!