1. 0528 GSC Bud 3D.jpg

    0528 GSC Bud 3D.jpg

    Anaglyph (3D) view of GirlScout Cookies in bloom. You'll need standard red/ blue or magenta/cyan 3D glasses. Left red (magenta) right blue (cyan).
  2. Ronin

    Photography The Trichome Picture Thread

    Greetings fellow AFN members:pass: I wanted to create a spot for all the trichome enthusiasts, resin farmers, and growers to show off or admire some of their trich pictures. As well, this will be a great spot for those not fully aware of trichomes, to view the many stages of trich production...
  3. Ronin

    Photography Mephisto Sour Hound

    @mephisto Sour Hound day 79. Chop day:tang: Container: 2 gallon Airpot Medium: coco coir Lights: mix of Chinese sun @18/6 Nutrients: Vegamatrix 15" tall from rim of Airpot I'll end this with an outdoor shot. Good day all:bong:
  4. Tetra9

    Live Stoners Check This Out ! 20 year old seeds from orange hill 1995 - Trichs on first leaves out !
  5. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Genetics Hash and Concentrates

    Welcome fellow AFN members:pass: I wanted to create a place where we can showcase some of your Mephisto hash and other forms of concentrates. Please feel free to add your creations. Here are some of the dry ice hash and rosin that I made with some of Mephisto's fine genetics. White Triangle...
  6. L

    Photography The Macro Thread

    I noticed we didn't have a Macro section for those of us who like up close and personal photography. I will have pictures up either tommorow or the next day since my cousin couldn't find the damn USB port leaving me no option other than to buy one. I really hope the damn thing gets here already.