1. Cardinal

    Indoor Wawashell Runs BLo in Coco

    i will be running @Magic Strain Breeders pack BLo x1. Just so I can get the feel for her. Including after learning my mistakes with the Binary Genetics BlkMrrr. Extra precautions and prepping were taken, :smoking: Alright the Set Up. Roots Organic Coco (ph’Ed and rinsed) in 1 gallon...
  2. Magic

    Indoor Magic's Autoflower Game Show

    Part 2 of this month's giveaway will be a 10 day questionnaire Game Show each day i will post a question that has to do with autoflowers and autoflower growing. Each set of questions will be for different values of points and the person with the most points at the end of the Show wins the game...
  3. Magic

    Indoor Magic Strains Scavenger Hunt

    Hello afn part 1 of Feb give away will be a scavenger hunt for pack of seeds from me with a little surprise with every pack found. There will be one clue if after a week no one has figured it out I'll give another clue. the hunt is over on Valentine's day febuary 14! I'm looking for a word or...
  4. Magic

    Indoor June Giveaway 2018

    Hello all it's that time again! Time for some free seeds!!! This months giveaway will be a very simple one. Give me a "gardening tip" Thats it :biggrin: The most unique tip will win a 5 pack of Fem autos! Can't wait to see the responses.:pass:
  5. Magic

    Indoor Witch Doctor Strain Guide

    “Is there a doctor in the house?” Witch Doctor is a double Bubba Kush Auto. This is Magic Strains signature auto strain! It was made using Dinafem's Auto Bubba Kush and HSO's Bubba Kush Auto. This Strain made Magic completely scrap his old auto catalog to work with these next level autoflowering...
  6. Magic

    Indoor Magic Appreal Now Available

    A little birdie told me about a great site to go through for T-shirts and other nice stuff so go take a look i have T-shirts for Both men and women, stickers and coffee mugs. Working on Leggings and Cell phone covers. If there is anything you don't see but are interested in supporting magic...
  7. Dabber

    Lighting Dabbers MEGA RUN

    What's up AFN FAMILY. My 3rd grow is finishing up and it's now time to plan my next run in my new space. Please join me @912GreenSkell @9bear @trailanimal @archie gemmill @Arthur @Ash-a-Ton @Avalanche Blanch @BigSm0 @blue @Boradan @briman @Bubble Bowls @bushmasterar15 @Cotton46 @DABaracuss...
  8. Saint Skinny

    Indoor Saint’s Run: G-14 and Black Diesel

    I figured I’d give this online journal a shot. I’ve wanted to do one of these for awhile but I’ve been so overwhelmed and distracted lately it’s been damn near impossible... but spring is finally coming, the weather is warming up, and I’m almost feeling optimistic. Things have been stupid rough...
  9. midIN

    Live Stoners leaf points?

    So I have a Carmel cream auto fem she's almost 5 weeks veg, but has been showing leaves with 10-12 points on them curious if this is typical for autos, or is the usual 3-5,7 points the normal, wasn't in the original breeder pack when I got it,was a order freebie, still going to finish her out...
  10. Magic

    Indoor 100,000 View Giveaway

    Hello Afn! :pass:I hope you all are well, i want to do something in the moment to show my appreciation for everyone who has showed support for magic strains i want to thank you with a chance to win some free seeds! As of my Count today I'm at 72,000 views in my section, again thank you all here...
  11. Magic

    Indoor Magic Strains Website News & Updates

    Finally here my website!! Store opens march 1st but you can still access rest of the site. I will have a member sign up im trying to think of some special perks for regular members their will be specials strains that only certain members can access please pm me to learn more about my premium...
  12. Magic

    Indoor Bubba Trouble Strain Guide

    This strain is.....The Trifecta!!! Size....Check.....(White Widow XXL) Flavor......Check....(Hubbabubasmelloscope) Potency...Check....(Bubba Kush) Right now Bubba Trouble is the biggest auto in my catalog, 3 ft plants with high yield is common result. You will see strong growth from start to...
  13. Ripper

    Indoor Rippers Bubba Trouble

    I put this girl in a 5 gallon pot she will be fed distilled water. I am using the Mephisto amendment. I will top feed real growers recharge starting week 3 or 4. Really want to top her but not sure. This is her day 7
  14. Rebel

    Indoor Rebel's Magic Strains Home Thread

    Evenin' everyone! I am sitting at my desk prepping 3 x 3 gallon grow bags for 3 of Magic's Bubba Trouble! From what I've seen of this on site journals I expect big plants and rock hard buds. Let's see if I can do them justice! They will be run under my Kind K5 XL1000 in my growlab 3x3. 3...
  15. Royalrick

    Indoor Black Diesel & Livers N Cheese

    Ok so this will be my second grow journal. I got a little more knowledge and some better soil so lets see what happens. Tent: 2x2x4 This tent will be in a room with its own A/C unit Temp will range from 70-77 inside tent with R/H between 40-50% Seeds: Black Diesel and Livers N cheese. Soil...
  16. Roark

    Indoor Roark's outdoor magic show

    Magic was kind enough to trade me some beans for a thin cow I will planting in containers and placing outdoors start to finish. I have a flood table setup outside for a lucky plant to receive all day sun and the scrog treatment. Stay tuned for which strains and further details. Thank you magic...
  17. Ripper

    Indoor Rippers bubba trouble

    I am growing her using a mixture of kind soil (2 pounds) and 1.5 scoops of mephisto amendment. The kind soil was 4 months old so i added the amendment. She is getting just store bought distilled water and a splash of mammoth p about 1 ml per gallon. @Magic Bubba trouble day 8
  18. stepside

    Indoor Blackdog Phytomax 1000

    I was given the chance to test this light for AFN'DOM and Blackdog LED normally I just take a few pics but my brother @dtrud0h helped me out big time with an unboxing video.
  19. Discretepete2676

    Indoor A tale of three MAGICal girls....

    @Magic.......In this tale you will have a chance to witness the first fully documented grow of magics own. .. Sour Straws. You will also get to see Lsdiesel and black diesel. First up, sour straws. This strain has tendencies to get pretty big from what I'm told so to make sure she has all the...
  20. Magic

    Dragon Meds Magical World of Dragons

    Hello Fellow DMT members!:Sharing One: This will be the thread i use to grow out all my dragon creations. :DragonSmoke: I have few Black Dragon Crosses But the main two i will be focusing on for now is Steel Dragon Sweet Trainwreck x Black Dragon & The Kracken Sour Crack x Black Dragon...