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nectar for the gods

  1. olbobcat

    OLD REVIEWS Oldbobcat and Galaxy Brain

    Since I can never bring myself to do a grow journal. I will start posting what I have grown in the reviews, How it grew, what I used to grow it, the Final weight, and How she smoke, and hopefully how she presses. I grew two Nightowl Galaxy Brain. Both use Nectar for the gods in their Nectar #4...
  2. D

    New Grower 2nd Grow - 1st one was a success!

    Hey what's up AFN? I'm back and getting ready to start my 2nd grow. The tent is all cleaned up and did a little reorganizing on the exhaust fan and carbon filter setup. Now I can get my lights up really high if need be. I learned a lot from my first grow ever of anything, so I'm very excited to...
  3. D

    New Grower New Grower here

    Hi everyone! First timer checking in. I am just starting with my first grow of anything ever and I'm about to turn 38! So I've got a little anxiety. I just popped my first 4 seeds in between some paper towels and started seeing some tails this morning (about 30hrs) on 2 of the 4 seeds. Should be...
  4. CaptJonLuc

    New Grower Captains Ready Room V.1

    Hey AFN! Thought I would do a journal here as well as over at GC. I have made the decision to focus on autos. I'm gonna be running Forgotten Cookies and Orange Diesel for my first go. I hope there are some Nectar users out there that can join in and give some pointers. Sit back and enjoy, this...
  5. wwwillie

    Indoor WWWillie Grows

    Hey Now! Welcome to WWWillie grows. I want this to be my blog if you will. I was recently kicked off Face Book. I had a nice blog going there and was really enjoying myself and making friends and updates. I must have pissed off someone as I came on one morning to find myself shut out. I tried to...
  6. johnp540

    Indoor First official journal hubbabubbasmellascope and critical+ cbd auto

    Hey folks starting my first official journal here with 2 hubbabubbasmellascope and 1 critical+ cbd auto. The hbss will be grown with Nectar for the Gods and another with fox farm trio. The critical+ I will use one or the other, undecided for now. I'm using promix seedling mix with mycos, I've...
  7. wwwillie

    Photoperiod WWWillie and the Clones

    Hey Now! Fired up the TurboKlone and have some ready for the dirt. Thought I would start a journal to track my progress. I have three girls that I like so I will be cloning them regularly. I have a Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold, a tangilope and an unknown. It is either Dream machine from...
  8. strangegreen

    Mephisto Genetics #21 Sour Crinkle + #29 BlueToof

    Hi All, Put the seeds into shot glass of water over night July 27th. Sprouted next day. Put into rapid rooters into a makeshift greenhouse. Transferred to soil once taproot showed on bottom. Soil - FFOF+ azomite, perlite and mykos. Viparspctra 300w for veg Galaxy Hydro 600w for bloom Nectar...
  9. Ripper

    Bomb Seeds Ripper drops a cherry bomb

    i will be growing this girl under my Northern grow lights COB light She is in a 3 gallon air pot. I am using roots organic soil. I will be using Nectar for the gods nutrients for this grow. Lighting will be 24 hours as it is too cold to turn my lights off here. Here is the feed schedule...
  10. Ripper

    Sweet Seeds Rippers little devil cream

    i have her sprouted and she is on day 6. She is growing in a 3 gallon air pot. She is in roots organic soil I started her in a root riot in the final pot just watered and kept a clear plastic cup over her. She is under my COB light from northern grow lights that I built myself. I will be...
  11. Discretepete2676

    Fast Buds Nectar for the girl scout cookies

    OK guys time for Pete here to give fast buds a try and what better strain to start with than GSC. Before we get started id like to give thanks to aunty @Mossy and @briman for hooking it up with these awesome beans during the 420 live stoners fun day. It was a great day and I recommend you check...