1. marijuaman

    Nute burn in organic soil

    Hey all! These plants are 47 days old and suffering from what I think is nute burn. Medium is FFOF/perlite, with just plain PH 6.3-6.5 tap water apart from a single top dressing. I had some low soil PH issues in the first 3 weeks, so I decided to top dress with build-a-flower around week 3 in...
  2. N

    Live Stoners Neub joins AFN

    Hey folks:d5: New to the forum just wanted to introduce myself I’ll be posting my grow in the other forum. But currently I’m on my first ever grow and I’m LOVING every day of it. Shit is cool as hell and there is so much to learn. I only wish I got into this sooner! I play PUBG on Xbox and...
  3. Dojavu

    Cal mag deficiency?

    First time grow, auto-flower. One gorilla glue on right 5 gallon coco One Pineapple Express 3 gallon coco 2x4 gorilla grow tent lite Ca lightwork solar extreme 250 Noticed the gorilla glue leaves were looking unhealthy, calibrated ph meter feeding around 4.8-5.5ph Using around 2ml calmag...
  4. GreenSwordsman

    First time grower / Pre-grow questions.

    Hello! Thank you reading and helping out a beginner grower! Set Up Grow Tent: VIVOSUN 24"x24"x48" Light: 105w Bee-01 Fans: 1 Clip on fan / 1 USB mini fan Inline duct fan: AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 Carbon Filter: Vivosun 4 in Air filter Seeds: Auto flower mix pack (Amnesia haze/Northern...
  5. Laserawesome88

    Questions about switching from 24/0 to 18/6 and RH/Temp

    Hi Everyone- first time grower here. I have two plants both on day 29 and they are doing well so far. Any advice for the issues below would be very very appreciated! My lighting schedule has been 24/0 since sprout under a Mars TS600 with no problems maintaining temp at 25c and and humidity from...
  6. Carecrab

    Exhaust fan outside grow tent

    Hey again ya'll and thanks for answering my previous post! I was about to start my first time tent grow but before I started I wanted to test my carbon filter. To my surprise the filter was fucked because you can smell anything that I put inside the tent. So I got a new filter from the store...
  7. David Evans

    Is this Nute burn?

    Hi all was just wondering if this was Nute burn or any other kind of deficiency? The plant is 5 weeks old under migro 200 light and I have been feeding them grow nutrients at a reduced amount on the bottle. Thanks for reading
  8. knoxie

    Need help with some ferts and soil

    Hey, guys, I plan to start growing an autoflower strain in my greenhouse this season, in a pot. I was needing some help with choosing the correct fertilizers and soils. I already have some basic knowledge, because i did a quite a bit of research into growing but mostly into hydroponics and...
  9. B

    Live Stoners Stunted autos

    So I have grown autos a few times before. Cropking couple of times . First time nothing too impressive the second time plants were about 4ft tall. Then last time I grew Dutch passion Colorado cookies they were great n impressive buds around pop can size..... figured if that's a normal thing...
  10. P

    3 week old NL seedling looking unhealthy?

    Hey guys, First time grower here. My 22 day old auto northern light seedling seems to have slowed down on its growth and the leaves are turning lime green in the past week. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  11. baked in the bluegrass

    New Grower Baked in a bucket??

    Heya afn peeps, we are at it again this morning. Ive done gone and did a thing.... I have decided to get my feet wet(hehe) and try out a lil hydro grow. This will be that first boring deets post, then itll be off to the races(i hope). Lights or outdoor: Lights- a combo of 150w qbs and 65w...
  12. Cannakisses

    From super-micro grow to hydroshoot120 tent

    Afternoin all, So I have a pretty "micro" (literally) grow going on, with the hope to stick them outside, but that's weather dependent. I have limited resources so I'm added and changing as I go along. At the I'm using a cfl bulb, in a tinfoil lined cupboard with a desktop fan. I soaked the...
  13. ShawToes

    Live Stoners Noob, 1st AutoFem grow.

    Hey ppl, hope to meet lots of new ppl on here as I'm going to be no doubt needing help, Iv never grown with lights before only a bagseed grow out of some Thai n it got so big i couldn't accommodate Anyway, this time im going all AutoFems from Justfeminized. com in soil n will begin nutes 3/5...
  14. Tetlis

    New Grower Baby steps and the cultivation of autoflowers

    So yeah, that's but put mildly. I have grown crappy photos before, loooooong time ago. They were crappy. Sorta put me off of growing. All in on the autos now, full tilt and cowabunga, or whatnot. My mission statement and thus the ultimate goal for this grow is this: To kill the plant...
  15. Incandenza

    Live Stoners From somewhere in the southest south america

    Hi everybody! First time here and i'm glad to be learning and sharing with all you guys, you seem to have a very supportive community around here. Please check my growing journal, it's my first time cultivating and i'll be more than happy to receive any kind of advice or suggestion. First...
  16. Incandenza

    Indoor First timer: 12 "Critical Bud" double chamber Led system

    Hi everyone, first time around here, even though i've been reading you since a long time. First of all i have to apologize in advance if you find anything wrong or weird about my grammar but it's not my first language and i'm not certainly sure about my skills. Anyway, having said that, i'm...
  17. C

    Super Soil, TLO, Water Only, Questions About Ratios

    I've read that autoflowers require roughly 1/4 - 1/2 the amount of nutrients versus photoperiods, what does this mean in regards to potting my super soil for my plants? I know with hydro, that would mean use half as much calmag or bloom whatever jibber jabber bottle ect. Some reason my head is...
  18. Scirzo

    Indoor Happy noob's first grow. Come and join me!

    Hi folks at AFN! I'm all new and was posting my introduction on that forum, when I realized that what I was doing after a few posts was posting a grow journal. And then I thought I'd better stop over there and start one here, right? As it should be. This is my setup. There's a carbon filter...
  19. redeyedjedi84

    Live Stoners Introduction!

    Hello from Grassachusetts! First time poster with a few small, and I mean small grows under my belt. I am very excited to learn as much as I can about every aspect of growing and caring for these beautiful plants. I hope everyone has a great day/night and may your yields be abundant Stay...
  20. NugNoob

    New Grower NugNoob's - First Grow Adventure! AK-47's

    Hello one and all! Let me first say a BIG thank you to all who have helped me up to this point, It's made things a lot easier starting up on my first adventure. Seriously thank you, you know who you are and you've probably been tagged into this post anyway. Now strap in, cause this is a big...