1. dankstyle J

    Dinafem Blue cookies an Critical kush grown organically in a light dep greenhouse!!!

    Welcome back friends to another organic outdoor grow journal featuring some fire cannabis strains. These plants are going to be the third pull of the tarp (3rd harvest).While the weather may not be perfect at the time I have the option to add supplement lights to give them what they need the...
  2. Quentin3176

    Outdoor Quentins country garden round 2....The urban jungle...

    Heeeyyyyyy yooooouuuuu guuuuuyyyyysssssss!!!!!! Weathers turning which can only mean one thing.....back to the outdoors soon :headbang::cools: Anyone that followed my thread last year will know how surprisingly well the garden grew and I'm hoping to replicate that this season with the addition...
  3. Cannalove420

    Question for the experienced

    I know that runoff ppm can’t be tested in natures living soil with accuracy but can it be tested to give me a “hint”? Should the runoff ppm be high or low in organic living soil with manure. Thanks for reading and clearing up my questions.
  4. Green Goblin

    Indoor Oscorp Industries - Living Organics with Green Goblin

    What's up guys, figured it was time to start a journal. This will be an ongoing journal for anything and everything I do as well as future grows..Just give me a little time and I'll get you updated on what I have going on currently as I'm mid grow with Mephisto's Double Grape. Thank you.
  5. Deadlyeight

    Mephisto Genetics A SourHound and Miss SourBubbly Cush

    Hey All, new guy around here :smoking: Thanks to Mephisto for making such great autos! Can't wait to get these two ladies curing. Figured I should start the log now :biggrin::coffee: This will be my first auto run and first run in a while. Hope I can get some advice from the OG's here with...
  6. densemob

    Grow Mediums Kindsoil Grow Journal featuring Mephisto and FastBuds by densemob

    Hey all, here's my Kindsoil journal Soil I'm growing in Kindsoil w/ Roots' Organics, Dr. Earth Homegrown potting soil, and Coast of Maine Stonington blend Water Walmart distilled Containers Three 3gal airpots and One 5 gal fabric pot One 3gal airpot is amended/topped with Roots' Organics only...
  7. Eyes on Fire

    Grow Mediums Kindsoil Official Test Team Grow Battle

    High all, ;) well,Ive been givien the opportunity to try Kind Soil out for the first time. upon opening the bag it stunk heavily of a thick fish blended soil upon a few other things but overall its a concentrated soil for Layering for most are.I wanna see if its not too hot when the...
  8. Hal 8999

    Future DWC Fully Organic Grow (Next)

    How is it going my fellow hippy growers? I am about to make the plunge into the world of organic DWC for the first time. I have Earth Juice Grow and Bloom, Earth Juice Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Fox Farm Liquid Bloom and Maxicrop Kelp Meal 1-0-2, and some Epsom salt. I ground the kelp meal into a...
  9. Fuggzy

    Worm Bins, and creating biodiveristy through free range poo

    Hey guys. This is a project I am doing a journal on. It is already started, but I am including the start of it too. I edited a small bit of the info that did not regard to AFN, as not to create any conflict. I'm not a master at worm, actually rather a novice. If you feel that you could learn...