1. Doctor's Choice

    Doctor’s Choice

    Doctor's Choice - a Canadian seed company dedicated to producing and distributing premium Cannabis seeds. Founded by Sasha Przytyk, also known as the Joint Doctor, we take pride in our unique legacy as pioneers in the industry. Introduced the world to Lowryder, Sasha Joint Doctor kickstarted a...
  2. Heart of flowers

    Photoperiod Grand Daddy Purple - Bulk Seeds, ordered from Linda Seeds

    I’ll ordered some photoperiod Grand Daddy Purple - Bulk seeds, from Linda Seeds. I just had to give the GDP a go because of the name and the reputation the strain have/had world-wide, but especially in America. With the order I got 7 freebies from Seedstockers and Royal Queen Seeds. The...
  3. A

    BMG Grow Journal

    Currently doing seed runs, taking the Autoflower to another gen and reproing the Photoperiods I collected over the year's. I'll be breeding them to themselves then to each other and also vice-versa. Every seed run I intend to collect 4 sets of seeds (Photo, Auto, Photo/Auto, Auto/Photo) While...
  4. B

    Stem gone brown

    Hey guys i had to move it out of the tent cause of space for 3 weeks and now its back in. Its at roughly 80days and preflowering. Its gone brown and had some white fungus beneath it. Soil was quite high so ive cleared beneath it. Should i cut it or can i save it. That particular stem isnt...
  5. Stretch in flower

    Stretch in flower

    I had this photoperiod in my tent for the last run, it managed to share a pot with another autoflower which went all the way through harvest. I moved it to this temporary spot with a 100w light to keep it in veg but now it's hitting the light. This thing really stretched in flower and is...
  6. Boradan

    Indoor Boradans RDWC Photoperiods

    After a few years not growing (and not taking down my tent in the spare bedroom during this time), I got roped back into growing by 'inheriting' 3 photos that had just entered flowering. Managed to finish them even though they were in soil, which I have never used :vibe: Needless to say, this...
  7. Hotshot

    Nutrients Hold a newbs hand

    I’m having issues of yellow leaves, some brown spots, some brown on leaf edges. I just cleaned out Autopot system today and changed nutrients to ILGMs flower nutes and calmag. I’d like to send to flower soon any guidance is greatly appreciated. PH around 6.4 ak47 photos week 8 of grow Fox farm...
  8. First Grow - July 2021 Run

    First Grow - July 2021 Run

    Hey all! As the title suggests, I'm new to all things growing. Mid Atlantic region of the US, which means long hot humid summers. This post is going to be pretty picture heavy (though maybe not idk) since I'm dumping about 2 months worth so just fair warning on that. My first four beans (Purple...
  9. parsing_trees

    Small population photo-to-auto breeding?

    First off, is there a better subforum for questions like this? I get the impression from old threads that there used to be an auto breeding subforum, but now there's only one specifically about seed feminization. I'm not a new grower, but this seems like the place for general questions. Please...
  10. Candyland by Garden of Green

    Candyland by Garden of Green

    Hello there! I am new here so hopefully this post is ok and I'm not doing anything wrong. Im going to give the basic run down of how the grow went (is going up until now anyway). So the plants/strain this post is going to focus on is Candyland by Garden of Green. I have a lot of different...
  11. Bulletproof Genetics Test Grow Clover Shake

    Bulletproof Genetics Test Grow Clover Shake

    Bulletproof Genetics tester grow Strain: Clover Shake (Shamrock cake × ice cream cake) Journal in progress will soon be filled with plant info. There are 10 seeds, half of which are up less than 24 hrs after going into soil. Follow me on Instagram @ swamplillys for daily photos of this and all...
  12. Bulletproof Genetics Test Grow: Shamrocked

    Bulletproof Genetics Test Grow: Shamrocked

    bulletproof genetics is a Michigan based cannabis breeder, and breeds some absolutely amazing gear. Im really excited to be able to share these strains with you guys! This pack is regular genetics, so we will get to sift through a 10pk to find our lucky charms . Shamrocked is a cross of...
  13. GlueSniffer S1 by Twenty20 Mendocino

    GlueSniffer S1 by Twenty20 Mendocino

    I started with one strain...ended up with 5. This is Strain #6 from Twenty20 Mendocino. Glue Sniffer S1 is one of Twenty20's I've not tried yet, and if what ive seen of his work so far is any clue, this is going to be a beautiful example of exacting attention to detail and a true love of...
  14. B.O.G. LifeStar - day 36 of flower

    B.O.G. LifeStar - day 36 of flower

    GH trio, coco/verm mix, 1g fabric pots HLG-135w QB288 RspecV2 full power, @17". 69F low, 79F high, 12-30% RH (oof!)
  15. Dreminem169

    Photoperiod Wedding Crasher x Kush Mints F2 from Shoreline Genetics

    Wedding Crasher x Kush Mints F2 from Shoreline Genetics:bday: I have very high hope for these genetics being they are originally from seed junky. Shoreline Genetics x Seed Junky was definitely a no brainer for me :smoking: Also I got these beans directly from the breeder on strainly & he hooked...
  16. B.O.G. LifeStar - Flowering Day 27

    B.O.G. LifeStar - Flowering Day 27

    Couple of female plants from seed. The one on the left is pure lemon, the right is a minty funky musk. Strain is Subcool's Jack's Cleaner x Blueberry crossed to B.O.G.'s Bubblegum, then that hit with SensiStar pollen by B.O.G. Under an HLG QB288 Rspec V2 at 135w draw, 18" above top bud site.
  17. Fermented_Fruitz

    RocBud Surprise strain testers

    So gonna go ahead and do a thread for these babies since the auto testers I got are as of now code named X4 auto with name to come later! Guess @RocBudInc thought I’d blab if he told me the name now! :rofl: Im a week in on them as of now so about to do some day 1-7 updates to kick it off...
  18. Super Soil for Massive Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Indoor.

    Super Soil for Massive Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Indoor.

    Ok, so Autoflower Network and here I am growing Photos, shame shame I know your name. Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon, Tut for short. 2 plants side by side in 30 gallon containers under 2 600 watt HID ghetto styles with reflectors. Say what you want, I still think they outperform LED and LEC, just so...
  19. Twenty20 Mendocino Genetics: Girl Crush & Avenue of the Giants

    Twenty20 Mendocino Genetics: Girl Crush & Avenue of the Giants

    I'm so STOKED at the new strains I got from this breeder. The genetics he used are just AMAZING sounding, and I cant WAIT to see what happens in this tent. You can even get a catalogue from this breeder, which showcases ALL his strains for sale right now, with great photos. I'm more excited...
  20. The Dalai Farmer

    Mars Hydro Cup (TSW 2000)

    Hi all and :welcome: The current grow going on is my 2nd using the Magnificent Mars TSW 2000 and is 6 plants, 4 Photoperiod and 2 Autos. 1 x FastBuds Gelato 1 x Dinafem Blue Amnesia xxl, Auto. 1 x Seedstockers Gelato 41, Photo. 1 x SSSC Super Mad Sky Floater, Photo. 1 SSSC Pineapple Poison...