1. parsing_trees

    Tips For Making Seeds in a Single Tent

    Here's several tips for making some seeds while growing mostly unseeded flower in a single small tent (mine is 2x2' / 60x60 cm). I've posted parts of this, including some of the pictures, on other threads here and on r/autoflowers and other subreddits before, but I wanted to gather everything in...
  2. DarKnight

    New Grower A little fun with pollen

    Just a little fun started on 27th photo taken on 27th Day 1 Star Ryder x (Sherbert x Eastside OG) 1 full day after pollination. also pollinated with Sherbert x Eastside OG pollen and also 1 full day after pollination. Pollen utilized
  3. Hemposapien

    How to properly harvest and store pollen?

    Hi, I am currently reversing a haze XXL and the pollen sacs are just about opening. I was wondering what is the best way to harvest pollen and how do I store it with flour successfully.? Like what ratio of flour to pollen? Below are some pictures where you can see some of the sacks are opening...
  4. Hemposapien

    How do you properly harvest & store pollen for future use?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. I was just wondering how to properly harvest and store pollen that's also mixed with flour for future use? And how long does it last for? How should I store it? Happy growing!
  5. Strainly

    Strainly.io Cannabis breeding and ethics: what should you do and not do when breeding cannabis

    Hey everyone, Many of you have expressed some interest in breeding. You are not always sure what is (and is not) acceptable to do when breeding from someone else's seeds. Matt from Riot Seeds has put an article together = The Golden Rules of Cannabis Breeding Do you agree or not?
  6. F

    Polyploid male, should I just throw him out?

    Hey guys, I just started breeding males so that I could collect pollen and I ended up with a polyploid male. Is there any point in keeping him around or should I just throw him out?
  7. Strainly

    Strainly.io A dedicated platform to offer your varietals

    Hi everyone, This is WHAT Strainly is about, HOW it works and WHY we do it. We're based in Montreal but the majority of our members is in the US. We've been operating for 2 years and have been recognized for offering a safe platform for preservationists, breeders, growers, seed banks and...
  8. Saint Skinny

    Live Stoners Best way to get auto stock for cheap

    Hey all, I haven't been very active on this site so far, but some of you may know me from the DGC, on the Dude Grows Podcast, Growbuddy Case Files, THC Farmer, or maybe you've heard my emails on the Grow From Your Heart Podcast. For those of you that don't know me, probably most of you, I'm a...
  9. pop22

    Indoor Pop22's Breeding and Random Grows and Projects Thread

    This thread will cover my small tent and my 2 cabs. They'll be used mostly for breeding and growing plants that don't quite fit in with my current grow cycles, like a photo taking up room that's not ready to be put into flower, a male that needs to be isolated for pollen collection, etc. Right...
  10. IceWater421

    IceWaters Pollen Project

    Hey Afn I was hoping some of are knowledgable members can chime in for me and help shine some light . I'm interested in pollen collection best practices how to. Plus storage and when to know if it's ready to be collected . The strain is Deep Purple from TGA genetics and I will be crossing...
  11. Oldbie

    Photoperiod Juvenile pollen

    Anybody got any info on recommend minimum age of a male plant for the purposes of pollinating a female? Pollen is pollen right? If you have viable pollen then it has the necessary DNA/genetic wherewithal to do the job regardless of the physiological age of the male....but is there a recommended...
  12. Fuggzy

    Fuggzy goes pollen deep

    Hi guys, and a good day to you all. So I have played around with some pollen, made a couple of my own seeds, and reversed 1 plant so far. All of this was either just to see if I could or for fun. This time though I' going to take a more serious approach, and learn more than just dusting a plant...
  13. 420ing

    New Grower 3 ballsacks

    Hi there i have been away for ages vegetating and flowering also i suppose and eh well i got this plant and it had 3 male flowers at the very bottom of the main stem and nowhere else the rest was 100% female. The plant is a Vertigo from paradise seeds and the one thats been fertalised and...
  14. Son of Hobbes

    Multiple Males and Pollen

    Hey guys I have a few questions about pollen I was hoping maybe someone could answer. How close is too close for a male plant and your female plants? Do you guys let males grow out in a separate room all together? Is it safe to keep the plants on the same level of the house? Should I move my...