IceWaters Pollen Project


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Mar 2, 2016
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Hey Afn

I was hoping some of are knowledgable members can chime in for me and help shine some light .

I'm interested in pollen collection best practices how to. Plus storage and when to know if it's ready to be collected .

The strain is Deep Purple from TGA genetics and I will be crossing it to other photo period plants.

Below are some pics : this is my first doing this and am very excited to learn and master this side of growing.
Well that's one very nice male!! Plus subcool has solid gear.
The big thing about pollen is keeping it dry like Super dry. Some freeze it but if you do freeze it and your ready to use it you gotta put in in the refrigerator to though out. No moisture!!
That stuff is magic dust and you have enough for a field of lady canna plants!!
@The Elvis thanks for the feed back:headbang: . I bought little plastic paint containers that seal shut. Figure I could store pollen in them. I'm hoping to freeze it and use some in next few weeks and hoping rest will be viable in 8-9months for next spring. So once I collect it fresh and separate plant material . I was thinking of using my trim bin for this cuz it had the mesh screen and the separate compartment that will catch the pollen . Do you let it sit out alittle bit? Than throw a few dry rice grains in with the pollen and put it in a few bags over the container and put in freezer ???