rapid rooters

  1. Soil2Coco

    Mephisto Genetics Winter Mephisto Run

    Long time photo grower that caught an interest in trying out some autos and all my research lead me here. First under the Mars Hydro SP-160 we have six Deez Nugs in 2 gallon smart pot hempys @ 16 days old. Do I have time to top these? Next under the Mars Hydro SP-150 is two Sams Crack in 2...
  2. xxxGAUGExxx

    Grow Mediums Watering Root Riot or Rapid Rooters during seed germination. How much?

    Hello... I was wondering how much (an actual amount) of water I should be adding to my plugs after i have the seeds in them. When i started i submersed and fully squeezed out the air bubbles then pulled it out and squeezed lighter to get all the super excess out...but didnt squeeze it like a...
  3. Ronin

    Germination: The Ronin Way

    Welcome. :Sharing One: I have been asked by a few members what my germination method is. So I have decided to post my process so it will be available to all to reference. Let's get to it.. My method is using the following: Root Riot cubes ( or Rapid Rooters) Glad container Wifi router ( cable...