root riot

  1. G

    Germination - Query around Ronin method

    Hi guys, first post so be gentle :) Its only my 2nd grow too and i think i was lucky the first time round as it went relatively well. This time i just lost 3 seeds using the paper towel method so am looking for a simpler/better method to get through germination. I am soil growing with Light Mix...
  2. Waxer

    New Grower Waxy's Quantum Ikea Cab- White Widow XXL

    How's it hangin, friends?!:bighug: Seeing as this will be my first indoor grow (and first logged grow on AFN,) I figured I would go ahead and park myself next to everyone else in line to learn! We're already a few days in so lets get it started shall we? So I'll start by mentioning a but about...
  3. xxxGAUGExxx

    Grow Mediums Watering Root Riot or Rapid Rooters during seed germination. How much?

    Hello... I was wondering how much (an actual amount) of water I should be adding to my plugs after i have the seeds in them. When i started i submersed and fully squeezed out the air bubbles then pulled it out and squeezed lighter to get all the super excess out...but didnt squeeze it like a...
  4. xxxGAUGExxx

    Indoor Seeds in Rapid Rooters / Root Riot in 10x20 tray Transplant into 8 inch net pots with Growstones

    Hello everyone... new to AFN this is my first thread. Please let me know if Im doing something terribly wrong lol :) I had a quick question of transplanting some assorted autos and some Dutch passion think different seeds. In tents...I was thinking about starting some seeds in Root Riot or Rapid...