1. McDee

    Photoperiod McDee's Malawi Madness

    Welcome to the show, and thanks for coming. I've been waiting a long time to do this grow around 4yrs. I love sativas, and this is supposed to be "THE" sativas of sativas. Normally I do autos, but I have to do this 1 now that I got it. Just tagged a few because I'm lazy lol. So if you know...
  2. Scrog and Bend

    Scrog and Bend

    I had a chance to move my indoor plant from veg into the flower tent and it's been long overdue. This thing is well over 6' and was clawing over the vivosun vs1000 light and I was starting to bend the branches over to see how it was going to handle the training. This plant is amazing and takes...
  3. Grow of 2x OG kush + Mystery seed + home grown seed, citizen CLU048-1212 cobs

    Completed Grow of 2x OG kush + Mystery seed + home grown seed, citizen CLU048-1212 cobs

    Electricity costs are rising, so I decided I will start a new grow, with the same OG seeds (turned out that 1 seed was a mystery, and 1 OG failed so replaced with a home grown seed) but this time a standard (for me) 4x scrog, quick veg, 16 nodes per plant, flower. Top up the stash and hope it...
  4. McDee

    Photoperiod Mcdee's MASSIVE Dutch Passion Durban Poison Scrog

    Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by my 1st photo period grow! This is my 2nd try at a scrog so still getting the hang if it lol. I wasnt planning to do a journal so no veg part of this grow. I just flipped the lights last night and she will be getting her 1st flower feeding tonight. I was sick...
  5. From seed to harvest, a weed tale by Doppio Beggings, Day 29!

    From seed to harvest, a weed tale by Doppio Beggings, Day 29!

    Hi guys! I hope you are all well. I think I just got out of the veg phase as what should be the so-called "budlets" have appeared. This last week I noticed that both plants have started to extend upwards in a very evident way, the new leaves are really beautiful and they also seem healthy to...
  6. OttoCBD

    Fast Buds To Scrog or Not to Scrog: That is the Question

    This CBD Crack is on day 35 today. After extensive LST she stands no more than 8 or 9 inches tall. You can't really see them in the photo but there are bud sites all over. The height difference between the highest and lowest tip is only a few inches. I installed the scrog screen over it the...
  7. Qupid

    Indoor Hunting for the creme de la chem

    Dinachem Planted these girls in the tray about 3/4 days ago and perked up nicely after leaving them root bound in 3 inch cubes for a little too long. Plans for the grow are to take cutting for each of the 10 chems and root them in my veg tent while these flower, once everything is nice and...
  8. AutoMania10

    New Grower Automania's DWC "Auto NYC Diesel" & "Girl Scout Cookies"

    Automania is in the building !!! I will be running "Barneys Farms Auto NYC Diesel" in DWC 12-16 gallon tote. I will give you guys a full run down once I get it up and started. Any knowledge is glady appreciated so sit back and roll one up. Feels good to be part of the Auto family
  9. Riggaman

    New Grower First Grow VIVIDGRO GrowMax 240w

    So this is my first grow any help you guys have to offer will be much appreciated .In a 5x5 I'm thinking I'll have to add another light during flower ..
  10. Gonnagrowmore

    Nutrients Bud factor x

    Anyone know if bud factor x is basically overdrive ? Also. How the f do you use it in soil?
  11. Gonnagrowmore

    New Grower Day 12 flower new grower

    Here are some pictures of my current scrog. I have 10 plants in total 8 in scrog at 2.4m x2.6 x80 cm. using skyline200/600, Helios 6 mars and Chinese castnoo. I have about 7 hps I can use. But prefer to do a led grow. Water is dechlorinated by evaporation. 24 hours. I keep condensed water...
  12. Exivious

    New Grower Second Grow - Bubbly Livers (Mephisto) - Auto-fed Coco Topped ScrOG + Runoff Feeding Experiment

    Scroll down a bit if your main interest is the runoff feeding experiment. I'm sure it's been done before, but what the hell, I thought it'd be interesting anyway. We join this grow in progress on Day 52... I intended to start this thread around Day 25. I wanted to get my new auto-feed and...
  13. M

    New Grower RDWC LED Scrog GSC

    second grow 4x4 tent, two qb 260s, 4gal buckets. Will be trying two 4” air stones per bucket along with 50LPH per bucket as well. Will probably add C02 later on in veg if I can get my AC setup. Using AN Ph perfect 3 part line. GG#4 from fastbuds. Soaked for 24hrs on the 25th then dropped in...
  14. Tumbleweed59

    Indoor Seedsman 2 Kush 1 seed, RSQ diesel, D.P. glueberry OG

    Hello fellow AFN farmers. This is my third attempt to get my journal written. I have one in New Growers that’s coming close to completion if you want to check it out. But first I want to give a shout out to all the members that gave me advice and positive comments on my current grow. Especially...
  15. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion 4 Brooklyn Sunrise in SCROG with Autopots + COBs

    I thought I'd post a link here to my 4 plant SCROG grow of Dutch Passion Auto Brooklyn Sunrise. It's my first scrog ever, and first complete grow with my DIY COB lights. The original thread is in the Autopot section: Brooklyn Sunrise scrog grow Here's a pic to entice you to come check it out:
  16. HemiSync

    Mushrooms in the growing medium.

    I doubt if there is anything wrong with this but thought I would post it here for informational purposes since I’ve never seen it inside before. My current grow is a SCROG and I’m using a homade soil using top soil, compost, and perlite in equal parts and using it in a 15 liter autopot. There is...
  17. Jaqen H'Ghar

    Indoor Jaqen H'Ghar does West Coast OG in Autopots - Fuelled by Biotabs

    Grow overview: This grow will be 2 West Coast OG Auto by Fastbuds. One will be mine & one will belong to Mrs H'Ghar. The light I am using is a custom built strip light in 3500k which dims from 160 watts to 330 although I am unlikely to raise the power above 240 watts at any point in the grow...
  18. Jaqen H'Ghar

    Live Stoners Hi AFN, This man has the honour to be Jaqen H'Ghar

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker (2+ years) of this and many other cannabis forums but this is my first post ever! Who the hell am I? Well I am Jaqen, a person who has suffered from PTSD & severe depression for years now, when I started smoking weed I finally found something that worked to...
  19. VitaMan

    Dinafem Blue Cheese Automatic grow

    Alright, lets get growing! I have decided on a very good pain strain with high CBD Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto Media: 3 gallon eq. AirPot 30% Coir which was hydrated with CalMag and Silica 70% Dutch Treat Soil Mix was inoculated with Soil Life and Mosquito Dunks in de-chlorinated water Also...
  20. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Photoperiod Double SCROG rings anyone??

    Has anyone tried this method? I find it’s working amazing so far. I have a super silver haze by dinafem under a 600hps in coco in a 7 gallon smart pot. I placed one ring on after turning this plant into a Bush with 60+ tops via topping, supercroppping etc. I trained her for a couple weeks, let...