1. LetsBeBudz

    New Grower First Grow SoFem UK Cheese Skunk and Hindu Kush Skunk

    Hello, just wanting to share some pictures of where I'm at with my first grow. I'll keep updating with pictures through flower as I use any advice given. Tent: 32"x32" Light: SpiderFarmer SF2000 Currently at 20 inches 4gal pots Coco Coir/Perlite 70/30% 10inch fan intake, 6 inch fan...
  2. Sweet Seeds Jay

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Cheese XL Auto® [New 2019]

    Sweet Cheese XL Auto® 3rd generation autoflowering strain. Tall-stemmed version of our Sweet Cheese Auto® (SWS33). Sweet Cheese XL Auto® (SWS77) was developed through a recurrent selection programme of tall-stemmed and high production specimens of Sweet Cheese Auto® along multiple...
  3. B

    Auto Skunk showing some weird symptoms on lower leafs turning yellow and dying.

    Hi I have a grow log going on but needed to post this here for some advice. My plant is currently in preflower with many bud sites now showing up and is around 30 days old or so. I have noticed the lower fan leafs started turning blotchy in colour to a very light green blotchy cameo sort of look...
  4. Eyes on Fire

    Nutrients Batty Bugshit n Friends

    High guys n Gals, Wanted to say firstly @Biotabs F69 Thank you VERY VERY much for hosting a great test. although I added a lil too much Mycotrex,but imho it'll be fine...? :) I have 68Litres of soil in 6 3 gallon pots(cloth). had my soil at medium strength cut in half. so its a light mix...
  5. Dr. Babnik

    Old Reviews Review of MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

    MIGO 2 in 1 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer - A Review First impression: MIGO 2 in 1 dry herb and wax vaporizer is made of stainless steel. It seems durable and of good quality. Well built, elegant and practical design. The dry herb coil is a spiral surrounded of a ceramic insulator. The wax coil is...
  6. dominguez

    Green algae/mould on air pot?

    Over the last week I've noticed the growth on some green algae looking substance around the rim of breathable plant pot and is also faintly visible around the sides of the pots. There is also a slight white fuzz around the rim which is also visible when i look down the side of the the container...
  7. Hal 8999

    Indoor Auto skunk feedback poll

    I have a bunch of different auto skunks on hand. The issue now, is what to grow first. I would like to hear feedback from peoples experiences, and interest with this lovely sub-strain. Auto Kaya(AK) from Advanced Seeds is what I am smoking right now. I love this strains high. Super critical +...
  8. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Is anyone familiar with FloraNova Bloom?

    Hey guys, I just purchased FloraNova Bloom and was wondering if i should switch from FF. Your guys opinions would be great and also feeding schedules and PH would be lovely. Thanks guys!
  9. Johnnybudseed

    New Grower Please help me.. I beg you! Strain Help

    Hello i am very very new to this as this is my first post ever. I am in need of some good strain advice as i have been trying to grow my dream crop and have been running into alot of issues. I am a legal patient where i live and can grow 6 mature plants legally [which i am trying to do] My first...