1. Heart of flowers

    Photoperiod Grand Daddy Purple - Bulk Seeds, ordered from Linda Seeds

    I’ll ordered some photoperiod Grand Daddy Purple - Bulk seeds, from Linda Seeds. I just had to give the GDP a go because of the name and the reputation the strain have/had world-wide, but especially in America. With the order I got 7 freebies from Seedstockers and Royal Queen Seeds. The...
  2. TempleTrees

    Maximum pot size for < 36in/90cm high grow space

    Hello all! Im preparing for my first grow in my newly legal state. I have a 2x2 tent partially setup, and I have around 36in/90cm of total grow height from floor to as high as I can hang my led light. The light (Migro Array 2, 125W) only needs a recommended minimum distance of 8inches or 20cm...
  3. parsing_trees

    Grow Mediums Using an Autopot aquavalve for a tray of small containers of coco (SOG)?

    Do any of you have experience with using an autopot aquavalve to bottom-feed a tray of smaller containers? I want to set up automated watering, and using an aquavalve seems like a good fit because I've been bottom-feeding small containers for several grows, just watering by hand. I like that...
  4. Sawney_bean

    Indoor SAWNEY BEAN. Pssst! Over here.
    Threadmarks: SAWNEY BEAN . Breeder . Cross strain specialist.

    This is where I will post all my content.
  5. A

    OLD REVIEWS Stable strain suggestions for SOG style grow!

    Greetings growers! I would like to know your suggestions for a stable fast strain for a high-density SOG style grow. I have thus far grown a few strains mephisto SODK, unknown Auto Gelato, Buddha seeds Deimos, as well as some freebie Auto Gelato from Mephisto. I have had mixed results with...
  6. parsing_trees

    Grow Mediums Minimal runoff coco grows?

    Has anybody else here had success with zero/minimal runoff coco grows? What approaches do you use? I started out by hand-watering coco to 20% runoff every time, because the Coco for Cannabis site insisted it was required to prevent salt buildup. That quickly got old, so I set up automated...
  7. Riggaman

    New Grower First Grow VIVIDGRO GrowMax 240w

    So this is my first grow any help you guys have to offer will be much appreciated .In a 5x5 I'm thinking I'll have to add another light during flower ..
  8. J

    Indoor Advice on number of plants (SOG ot not)

    Hi, I am heading to my second grow and have the set up below 80cmx80cmx170cm tent with 3 cxb3590 autocobs plus another 240w (real, 600w advertised) led lamp that I had bought before. Have also all the venting, exhaust and so on... Last time had 4 15l smartpots and as had 2 extra seeds whom...
  9. W

    Live Stoners Beginner grower need some help

    Hello fellow growers :) I have a 3x3 tent with 400W hps dual spec. Proper air vent etc. My question is that we germinated 10 auto seeds (skunk#1,bigbud,whitewidow) because we tought not all of them gonna sprout, but 7already came up. If all germinate what can I do with that small tent? Should I...
  10. W

    Indoor Growbox setup (Need some help, tips)

    Hello guys. Just recently made a growbox set and I want some opinion and advice for a beginner grower. Tent: Mammoth 90x90x180 /3x3/ Ballast: Nanolux 400w dimmable Bulb: Sylvania SHP-TS Groxpress 400w Vent: CFM 180 4" inlive ventsTT pulling trhough a carbon filter (can filters 150m3) across a...
  11. Senseimillan

    Sweet Seeds Senseimillan Presents Crystal Candy Auto

    Hey everyone what's up? I'm working on my first autoflower journal, the link is here but also in my sig. I'm growing Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy Auto and Short Stuff Seeds Auto Jedi Kush. I'll just post some Crystal Candy Auto related stuff here, and for anyone interested in the whole journal...
  12. Senseimillan

    Indoor Senseimillan Presents Auto Jedi Kush

    Hey everyone what's up? I'm working on my first autoflower journal, the link is here but also in my sig. I'm growing Short Stuff Seeds Auto Jedi Kush and Sweet Seeds Crystal Candy Auto. I'll just post some Auto Jedi Kush related stuff here, and for anyone interested in the whole journal, what...
  13. camith

    New Grower Sea of Green High Yielders

    Hey guys @witchyhour said i should post this question here. I am looking to do a sea of green using autos under a 1000watt MH/HPS light. I really only want high yielding strains, so far i have been looking into Moby Dick, Auto Pounder, and Rhino Rider. I am looking to get about 3 oz per plant...
  14. Bum

    Grow Mediums Coco Auto HDSOG Bottomfeed 1gpw+

    4*4 ~3L pots in 60*60cm tray/tent. Straight coco, start topfeed then just poor nutes in the tray. 150w HID or old MarsHydro 300w? Aiming for the KISS 1gpw+ :D Not sure 4*4 pots in 60*60cm counts as high density sog, perhaps go 1L pots and 6*6? What do you guys think? I have everything ready...
  15. Growlyfe

    New Grower Top Auto Breeders

    I'm about to run a 16 plant SOG shopping with Seedsman bank just wanted to know a few breeders with quality stuff. I'm going with Mephisto and 00 for sure just want a variety of diff dank.SEA