super lemon haze

  1. Week 6 - Just a bridge to awesomeness

    Week 6 - Just a bridge to awesomeness

    This installment is pretty boring. The plants are progressing along. This is 3 Bears OG. I love how thick the buds are getting. That and the close nodes makes this plant so fun to grow. Super Lemon Haze continues to stretch and stretch. I’m getting a bit concerned with the bud...
  2. Long time listener, first time caller. (Super Lemon Haze, coco, autopots)

    Long time listener, first time caller. (Super Lemon Haze, coco, autopots)

    As the title eludes to, this will be the journal of my first grow. We're already three weeks in at the point of starting this, we've already had THE CLAW, and the autopot just got up and running. We're doing SLH, 15L fabric pot folded down to fit 10L of coco, feeding her with Canna Coco A&B, and...
  3. T

    Indoor SLH Leaves turning yellow

    Super Lemon Haze Photoperiod Week 11- flowering (3.week) Humidity: %45 Temp : 23 Cob Led : 500 Watt My leaves were burning near the light (top of the plant ). so I took the plant away from light and scrog but it continues to turn yellow. I'm about to harvest my other plant and most of its...
  4. Avalanche Blanch

    New Grower Super Lemon Haze Auto

    Hey Everyone, I'm completely new to growing.. I germinated a super lemon haze in paper towel and planted on the 30th Oct, so just coming up to 4 weeks. Growing indoors with a Mars 300w.. Soil medium (Canna Terra Pro) with perlite and worm castings. Really want to keep it simple, I haven't...
  5. IraqJack

    Indoor Mephisto S.O.D.K., Humboldt Seeds Bubba's Gift, Greenhouse Seeds Super Lemon Haze. Mmm yummy.

    So I had started a thread in the photoperiod forum on my return to growing and documenting the additions and changes I'm implementing to help anyone out there who maybe considering any of the techniques, tactics, and procedures I'll be using throughout this grow journal. So I figured I'd start...
  6. IraqJack


    So it has been some time since I've posted ANYTHING, and I even was that asshole who left a grow journal incomplete.... meh. My apologies, and anyone who follows this thread, don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. I will go into detail on er' thang. I have spruced up my grow space, and am in a...
  7. Clayman

    New Grower 21 x 21 x 31 inch stealth grow box. Led 300 w

    This is the fourth grow in this box. White Widow Auto 11/1/17 Northern Lights Auto 11/1/17 Super Lemon Haze Auto 25/12/16 The light is a no name 300 watt 100 x 3 watt with IR & UV included. So far this setup has produced 14 ounces in the last 3 months. The addition of A/C over summer has...
  8. Orion_grower

    Indoor Super Lemon Haze from Green House Seeds

    i will copy my report from other site. You can find other reports and free seeds for report there Hi, everyone! First of all, I want to thank the website for providing me with the necessary information and the opportunity to share my knowledge with people. Let's move on to my growing project...
  9. livelife420

    Indoor Big Buddha Blue Cheese and Super Lemon Haze auto Mars ll 700 x2

    Hey guys, I'm quite new to grow journals and growing in general. I have been following other grow journals in the past and all I can say that I admire a lot of people here for the care and effort. It'd be great to have experienced growers give me tips and advice for my first ever grow. FYI: I do...