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Jun 18, 2015
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HBSS, Sour Stomper, 3 Bears OG
So it has been some time since I've posted ANYTHING, and I even was that asshole who left a grow journal incomplete.... meh. My apologies, and anyone who follows this thread, don't worry, I won't leave you hanging. I will go into detail on er' thang. I have spruced up my grow space, and am in a position to try some experimentation. Typically whilst growing photoperiod plants I mainline them. Some strain like it some hate it... but when they like it you get donkey dick buds. The problem is I used to tend to around 15 plants at a time, hand watering drain to waste in 3-5 gallon fabric pots. I wanted to slit my wrists and black my eyes. At the time I couldn't afford to get into any automation, and to be honest I couldn't be bothered to add something that albeit "could" make things easier, you always have a learning curve when introducing new things to the grow room, or some unforseen pain in the ass...............

With that little back story out of the way, or too much back story lol, depending on how you see it, let's gets into da meats and taters.

~I've never scrog'd, I've never tried only growing one plant in my 3x3, and 4x4 tents, and I've never used a gravity fed drip system.... oh and also first time utilizing a 20 gallon pot damn... I sound like a newb. Haha.

~Objective: See if I can get an acceptable yield, while growing one plant in each space using the SCROG method, combined with a aggressive supercropping prior to dropping the net and flipping to flower.

~Guinea Pig's: a.) Super Lemon Haze, will be grown in the 4x4 space, and finish in 30% perlite/70% coco, 1 inch layer of hydroton on bottom of pot with a 1 inch layer on top, in a 20 gallon fabric smart pot. Will be drain to waste. b.) Bubba's Gift, will be grown in the 3x3, same medium as above, but in a 5 gallon airpot.

My logic: I chose a 20 gallon for the Super Lemon Haze to finish in with the hopes of generating the root mass to fill the 4x4 trellis quickly. I've grown the Super Lemon Haze before and am familiar with it various phenotypes, and it was a Bitch to manage its size (I had 4 in a 4x4, terrible idea). I feel that with the growth rates I experienced before it should easily fill the 4x4 net. I hope for a 6 week veg, but I'm prepared to go 8 weeks if need be. It's an experiment so we'll see what happens.

The reason I chose Bubba's Gift is because well, I've also grown this strain before, and if you know anything about this strain, it does not stretch. It is also INDICA dominate, so I will be able to do a comparison, although not at all scientific. I will still be able to get a general idea of what I can produce growing a sativa in a large pot in a 4x4, and a indica in a 3x3, that stretches minimally so I can really push the veg period to fill that trellis net out.

Nutrients: Seed/Seedling
-AN PH Perfect A&B-3ml/gal
-AN Bud Candy-6ml/gal
-AN B52-6ml/gal
-AN Voodoo Juice-6ml/gal
-AN Piranha-6ml/gal
-Mammoth P-.6ml/gal

Lighting will be 1200 watts of led in the 4x4, basic Mars Hydro style lighting that I've been using since I started a growing. November 1st I will be adding the Timber Model 4VS, with 3 Rapid LED GrowMau5 far red initiators in the 3X3 to test, and if I like it, I will be outting the rest of my grow spaces with their lighting systems. Timber said that they would even install the Rapid LED far red to the fixture for me if I mail them in to their facility. Which I likey.

Anyways that is the end of my intro, if you made it this far I fucking salute you sir. Grow room photos to follow....
Looks like the Bubba's Gift and Super Lemon Haze should be sprouting sometime this evening/early morning. As per usual Mephisto Genetics sprouted the fastest. I know this is a photoperiod forum, but literally every run their seeds pop the fastest. I plant my seeds directly in the medium and typically 3 days is the average for the seed to sprout in my grow space, Mephisto's autoflowers though almost always 2 days. Just an aside since the S.O.D.K. popped first.
So the Bubba's Gift, and the SLH seedlings are looking strong and healthy. I'm very, very excited for this new season. Like I said in the initial post in the thread, I really burnt myself out trying to manage a large amount of plants, hand watering drain to waste, in coco. It would take me 2 hours to just do one feeding. I took over 6 months off of growing to get my mind right, a little vacay if you will. So the motivation is high, and I can't wait to see what this grow does.

Seedling pics to follow...
Here is the SODK for the Autoflower guys. It's my 1st SODK grow. I love Mephisto Auto's. Lol. I've grown HBSS, Sour Crack, Fantasmo Express, 3 Bears OG, Sour Stomper, and Grape Crinkle multiple times so far. I've never been disappointed, and they have the very best customer service/after sale support in my experience. A little plug for Mitch and the rest of the guys at Mephisto. I'll be starting a separate thread here soon for the SODK to keep this thread strictly photoperiod, but it's important to note that with my perpetual grow setup. Qu
ality auto's are crucial in keeping me in stock with no interruptions.

My "grow logic" explained: Since I took a hiatus from growing, I had to choose my strains carefully in order to stagger finish times. At the same time account for personal use while I'm waiting for each photoperiod to complete.




Basically I'll end up on a schedule where each of my plants will finish about a month apart. I never used to SCROG, so that messes with maximizing my photoperiod rotation since I will be vegging and flowering in each respective tent rather than have a veg/auto tent, and a strictly flower tent. I will need to invest in another space probably to insert a veg only tent to increase rotation efficiency.

I'd be interested in any tips or tricks on perpetual SCROGing if anyone reading has any input?

Lookin' good man! :photog:
I'll be in for the ride, if you don't mind :hookah:

I just screwed up a scrog (so take it with a grain) and my advice is if you don't know the stretch of the strains start with the net within inches a few weeks before flower and if they stretch alot drop another screen. This is going to be my go to in the future for new strains:vibe:
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That's kind of why I chose strains that I've grown before, the SLH is the one I'm wondering about, because of yield and stretch... the Bubba's Gift doesn't really stretch at all, and I have really high hopes for how that turns out performance wise, and with not having to worry about stretch. I already have ordered extra hangars and I have enough trellis netting to make up another 4x4 and 3x3 net like you suggest. Just to be sure.

Of course I don't mind the more the merrier! :pighug::hookah:

Lookin' good man! :photog:
I'll be in for the ride, if you don't mind :hookah:

I just screwed up a scrog (so take it with a grain) and my advice is if you don't know the stretch of the strains start with the net within inches a few weeks before flower and if they stretch alot drop another screen. This is going my go to in the future for new strains:vibe:
Here are some pics I took today, nothing too exciting to report. I have set up a feeder tube to the closet, and placed two of the 3 oscillating fans I just bought to replace the ones I had that burned out. I plan on purchasing a set of oscillating canopy fans that I can mount to the tent poles on the 1st. Here are some pics of the seedlings development, and of the closet grow space I've set up and have pretty much finished. I just need to set up carbon filtration and I should be finished. Setting up CO2 would be great, but with the location I am currently at while renting, I can't seal the room and do too many alterations.

*seedlings @ day 10 from sprout.


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