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  1. B

    My general compost tea recipe (Can I breed BTI in it?)

    Hi all, So I brew compost teas to feed my plant used in conjunction with a pre mixed soil that I make up. The recipe is as follows. -4ish gallons of water, -a half cup (or a little less) of worm castings, -a quarter cup of soil I dug up from the woods where the dirt is just incredibly rich...
  2. Saint Skinny

    Frass Tea Application Rates

    I'm wondering what rate peeps are using when making insect frass tea. Also, what else do you put in with your frass? just thought I'd pick some brains and maybe get inspired to try something new. I'm using KIS Insect Frass at a rate of 1/4 cup per gallon of RO water. I like to add a little bit...
  3. T

    Using my Soda Stream for healthier plants.

    I know that adding C02 to the soil is useless for the plant because they take in C02 through the leaves. To make a compost tea I use an aerator to aerate the tea so that aerobic bacteria can feed on it. Now my question: If I used my Soda Stream to put C02 into the water for my compost tea...
  4. NoRobo

    Mephisto Genetics NoRobo has caught a ManBearAlienPig!?

    You read it correctly. There is a ManBearAlienPig in my cabinet trying to claw it's way out and into some soil! I will be germinating one of these tomorrow when I wake up for work. Which will be about noon PST. She will get the usual treatment of Super soil and Oregons only number 8. I will...
  5. Ripper

    Welcome to the teas section

    Here we are going to talk about tea recipes and their benefits. But mostly recipes and how to make them.
  6. Dr. Babnik

    Live Stoners Dr. Babnik invites - Stoners Tea Party

    Welcome to the Stoners Tea party Here we drink tea, smoke canna, eat cakes and talk about tea, everything related to tea, cannabis pleasure and whatever gossip we have on our minds and hearts. Ahh...not only canna...I love the exotic shrooms my dear friend @tripaholic88 cultivate. So let's take...
  7. RockCity

    Indoor RockCity's Organic-"ish" Soil-based Mephisto Auto Experience featuring Amare SE880 LED

    This is my first grow since my last journal (which vanished so I wouldn't bother going and looking for it). My previous experience has been with Photos - now I've decided to get my feet wet with some Auto's, and who else better to go with than some Mephisto genetics. So far I have 3 Triangle...
  8. Grim Reefer

    Super Anti - Root Rot Tea

    Introduction This Tea will completely stop root rot and act as a preventative as long as its used on a weekly basis. It will make the beneficial bacteria product last 100 times longer as we create over billions of beneficial bacteria working to help improve your crop. Plant Benefits Your...