thc bomb

  1. Only1Sky

    Bomb Seeds THC Bomb Auto (Only1Sky)

    Thanks to the generosity of Bomb Seeds, sponsor of AFN's 1st Wellington Boot Grow Show, I am the lucky recipient of a set of THC Bomb Auto seeds. I'm excited to get acquainted with this highly acclaimed strain. :biggrin: So here goes. My kit for this grow is: Gorilla Grow tent: 4x4x8...
  2. woody

    Bomb Seeds Woodys THC Bombs

    This is my second time growing @BombSeeds genetics. One of these plants will be in the running for bomb seeds grower of the year. I have until day 30 to pick a plant. I have 3 plants potted into 11 litre pots and 2 in 18 litre pots. All filled with canna professional coco. Nutrients will be...
  3. Frogster

    Bomb Seeds Smoke Report - Bomb Seeds - THC Bomb

    Seed Bank:- Bomb Seeds ( Tag:- @BombSeeds ) Strain Name:- THC Bomb Plant selected :- Plant Number 1 Cut Date:- 26th April 2019 Autoflower ? :- Yes Description:- 1 Plant grown in Autopot, with Airdomes, shared Cob lights in an indoor tent, (6 mixed plants in total) Medium:- Soil/hydro -...
  4. Mossy

    Bomb Seeds #THC Bomb. Presented by St. Tom. Test

    #thc bomb Showcased by @St. Tom for #bomb seeds @St. Tom Kit List *SmartGro Ultrasonic Humidifier 9.5 Litres 5 inch rhino pro carbon filter RVK 125 L1 systemair in line turbo fan high power 2 secret jardin monkey fans 1x 20 w oscillating 1 x 30 w both with tent pole clips **4x4 Grow Tent 15...
  5. Dichoti

    Bomb Seeds Dichoti's THC Bomb

    Going to try to keep this short and sweet. 8pm dropped one seed into a cup of oxygenated water, ph'd to... I forget already. 5.5-6. Somewhere in there. This is also for a grow off, So...yeah. 9am: Seed was on bottom, and cracking open, So she went into a generic 7 gallon felt pot of coco, and...
  6. Frogster

    Bomb Seeds Bomb Seeds - THC Bomb Auto - Frogster Grow - 2019 Grow Battle

    This will be my Journal for the "Bomb Seeds" THC Bomb Auto - Frogster Grow. A big thank you to Bomb Seeds for providing the test seed This is one of four plants I will be growing in the 2019 Round-1 Grow Battles. To be included in the following Grow Battles:- Bomb Seeds Grower of the Year...
  7. Yeatster

    Bomb Seeds Yeatster runs the Bomb diggidy

    @BombSeeds has offered another showcase here, on AFN. I will start with THC Bomb & Cherry Bomb, autos. 5 gallon smart pots 70% Promix 30% coco coir @Greenleaf Nutrients Mega Crop, Bud Explosion, Sweet Candy @BigSm0 autocobs Seeds are wet & pots are being washed and prepped today. They will...
  8. wetwood

    Indoor Wetwoods dwc [northernlights + bigbud - Complete ] - [ thc auto bomb OnGoing]

    So was looking for a smaller plant due to height restrictions and the last grow going on a bit longer than expected i decided to go with a short timescale plant and settled on the Auto THC Bomb Growing in coco again Seeds : 3 x Auto THC Bomb fem Leds: 1000w chinese effort Will upload pictures...
  9. Quentin3176

    New Grower Tri-leaf THC BOMB + NYC DIESEL grow journal

    Hi all :welcome: to my 1st grow journal and what will be my 2nd ever grow. thanks for stopping by. I'm new to growing and to forums and such so I'll do my best to keep you interested. I currently have 2 nyc diesels at day 49 and although I'm still very green around the gills I learnt quite abit...
  10. Quentin3176

    Live Stoners 3 leaf thc bomb

    Here is my tri leaf thc bomb. This is only my 5th ever seed I have planted as im new to all this. My first 4 nyc diesels sprouted well and are all doing ok. Apparently this is quite rare so imagine my surprise on my 5th seed in. Does anyone have any info or tips on 3 leaves? Will it do ok? One...
  11. Budson 420

    Indoor Aussie's Auto Adventure's - THC Bomb - 600w HPS

    BOMB SEEDS THC BOMB ~THE SETUP~ GROW AREA- GroCell tent, 1x1x2m (cheap crap) GROW MEDIUM- Soil, and I use seedling mix that comes with a touch of ferts. POT SIZE- Not 100% sure yet, haven't made up my mind. LIGHTING & SCHEDULE- 600w MH/HPS in cool tube &...
  12. budelee

    Bomb Seeds Budelee does Bomb Seeds THC Bomb Cherry Bomb

    ::Introduction:: A big Thank You to Bomb Seeds for sponsoring this test grow..I will be growing two THC bombs and two Cherry Bomb plants.....Media= coco coir in two gallon Geo pots...lights will be 600 watts of HID,MH for veg and HPS for flower...nutes will be a KISS method using the Lucas Ratio...
  13. witchyhour

    Bomb Seeds August BOM - THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds

    Here is the plant, she was gorgeous, easy to grow and totally drama free. It's still curing, but it's a very smooth vape, no cough at all. The high is nice and mellow, a bit of a couch lock. There she is!
  14. EkiBikE

    THC Bomb Auto, Are these male pre flowers??

    Hello, First grow here, DWC, LEC 315w light, and using 1/4 to half strength Lucas formula. This is about 2 1/2 weeks from sprout, from what I can tell these may be male preflowers? The one in the center of the picture on the main stem almost looks like a flower, And off the bottom side...