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    Unlock the Vault: Share Your Experience and Enjoy 12.5% Off!

    The Vault Cannabis Seeds Reviews – Unlock the Vault: Share Your Experience and Enjoy 12.5% Off! Use discount code VAULTREVIEW in the cart for 12.5% discount Visit to read more and leave a review
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    100 Free Seeds & 35% Off The ENTIRE Phoenix Seeds Catalog!

    Hey Buddies, Its been a long time, too long. Lets remedy that! The Vault Cannabis Seeds store are back to bring you some bangin' promos, competitions, giveaways and discounts starting with an insane 35% off all Phoenix Cannabis Seeds (while stock lasts - Offer ends 23 Nov so act fast and get...
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    Happy MacPaddys Day - Win A 5 Pack Of Phoenix Seeds At The Vault

    Hi All, Don't worry you're not seeing things - it is in fact the day after St Patrick's day and we are launching our promo - with a twist. It's MacPaddy's day here in Scotland as sponsored by Phoenix Seeds! As ever, we are offering up some free seeds to you so fire over to the blog and check...
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    Win Original Sensible Seeds for free at The Vault!

    Visit the link below to read the rules, enter the comp, learn more about Original Sensible Seeds and their strains, and get a 15% discount code to use at The Vault.
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    Is this the best ever offer from The Vault? With Royal Queen Seeds

    Royal Queen Seeds team up with The Vault to bring you our best free cannabis seeds deal, ever! You wont want to miss this one! All orders at The Vault now get at least 2 free seeds, the 1st choice is from Barney's Farm and now a 2nd choice from Royal Queen Seeds no matter how little you spend...
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    Free Kannabia Seeds at The Vault

    New Freebies, 15% Discount Code and win free Kannabia Seeds - Visit to learn more and enter the free seeds competition on The Vault blog!
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    FREE Barneys Farm Seeds at The Vault

    Barney's Farm just keep giving more and more to The Vault customers. They already give a free seed to all customers and a 2nd to all that spend over £50, now you can get another 10 Barneys Farm seeds if you spend over £200 at The Vault. This is just insane! Read the post, get a 15% discount...
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    New Freebies at The Vault plus win 10 NL Auto from Female Seeds

    Female Seeds have partnered up with The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store to bring you even more freebies on your orders at The Vault! There is also a competition live now to win a 10 pack of Auto NL from Female Seeds. Visit...
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    Happy Valentines Day BUDdy - An Awesome Vault promo!

    Hey All, The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store bring you an amazing Valentines Day Promo featuring seeds to be won from: Barneys Farm, Bomb Seeds, Fastbuds, Female Seeds, Dinafem, Heavyweight Seeds, Monster Genetics, Ministry of Cannabis, Original Sensible Seeds, Positronics, Phoenix Cannabis Seeds...
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    FastBuds Special Promo at The Vault

    An awesome promo from Fast Buds is live now at The Vault with a FastBuds branded, its 420 somewhere clock up for grabs along with FastBuds Seeds, Stickers, Badges, hats and of course a Vault Tee Shirt. Visit...
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    Pay by Bank Transfer or Bitcoin Get Free Cannabis Seeds at The Vault

    Everyone knows that #TEAMVAULT have the best cannabis seed giveaways, promos and offers in the #Canna Industry, but we never rest and we are always working hard to up our game, which usually means cheaper cannabis seed prices for you and / or more free cannabis seeds with every order. We are...
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    24 hour Flash Promo at The Vault now live!

    Visit place your order and use discount code FLASH15 when checking out to get 15% off your order Code live now until midnight on the 22nd of Jan This is on top of all our other offers of course for free cannabis seeds on all orders and bonus freebies on...
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    Royal Queen Seeds Promo at The Vault

    Its #cannabisseeds promo time again at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store. This time we have partnered with @RQSeeds and have some Critical Feminised and Northern Lights Autos to be won, visit to learn...
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    Greenhouse Seeds Co. Promo at The Vault

    In partnership with the Green House Seed Co. we are delighted to bring you this on purchase promo. its pretty simple – Buy any 3, 5 or 10 pack of Green House Seeds and get 1 Free. This is of course, on top of all the other offers currently live at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store, check them...
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    Its Kushmas at The Vault – Over 300 Seeds to be won

    In true Vault style we are ending the year with a bang. Check out the link to possibly our largest promo of 2019 and bag yourself some free cannabis seeds. Good Luck all, winners will be...
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    G13 Labs Cannabis Seeds Competition

    Win Cannabis Seeds, Tee Shirts, Seed Storage tins, Ashtrays and Air Freshners from G13 Labs in this exclusive, Instagram only promo! To read more and enter visit
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    Seedsman Seeds On Purchase Promo - Live at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

    Every pack of Seedsman Seeds purchased at The Vault will get 1 random Seedsman Seeds added for FREE! Read more about Seedsman Seeds, the offer and get a 15% discount code at
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    Humboldt Seeds On Purchase Promo live at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store!

    Every pack of Humboldt Seeds purchased at The Vault will get 1 random Humboldt Seeds added for FREE! Check it out now at
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    Green Friday at The Vault (Insane Offers)

    Black Friday is always Green Friday at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store! This year we have a 15% discount code, an absolute ton of cannabis seeds to giveaway in our competition, discounts on breeders, on purchase promos and lots of bonus freebies on all orders placed between Nov 25th through to...
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    Expert Seeds – Amazing Promo at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

    A consummate promo brought to The Vault from our buddies over at Expert Seeds – Now live at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store! Essentially double your seeds when buying anything from the cannabis seeds breeder Expert Seeds at The Vault! Read all about this offer at...