1. blue

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Trainwreck [Tickets Please!]

    Hi ... I'm ..... Sir Topham Hatt!! ALL ABOARD!!!! .... Wait What!??! Kidding Obvs!! :D I'm Blue and getting back to some things i LOVE! ... and Sweet Trainwreck is one of them! (it's an oldie .. but a goldie (2017)) Here's the details for the curious / concerned! Soil: Biobizz Lightmix...
  2. dickfitzwell

    New Grower Trainwreck Auto

    Trainwreck Auto:dragon1: July 25th in dirt seeds are from CropKings :pass::pass: Cheap 600 Watt full spec LED light for veg. :20-4: :jointman::jointman::jointman::jointman::jointman::jointman: 1000w full spec Tri-Led's,and Roleadro 3500k Sunlike 1200w full spec dual chip Leds For the...
  3. gene wilderflower

    New Grower Train Wreck Auto

    First grow in awhile. Been lurking the AFN and there are some very talented farmers on here so looking for and to any input. This is a crop of Train Wreck Auto’s that come from Crop King. Germinated and then planted on January 26th. I’m testing soils for future grows as the whole AF and indoor...
  4. Only1Sky

    Indoor 1Sky Multi-Strain in Coco w/ nutrients & Amare SE450UVB

    Hi folks, this journal will track progress on my 6th grow: a four-plant tent consisting of a 2nd run of Trainwreck & Sweet Tooth, and a 1st run of Cosmic Queen and Samsquach OG. SEEDS (4 germinated): Sweet Seeds: Trainwreck Barneys Farm: Sweet Tooth Mephisto: Cosmic Queen & Samsquanch OG...
  5. Hansbricks

    Sweet Seeds Hans’ Sweet Seeds LED Coco Autopot Grow – Black Cream / Sweet Trainwreck

    Hey guys, finally back with another Sweet run. It’s been almost 4 months since my last grow wrapped up so I’ve been itching to get this one started. Sweet Seeds have been my favourite since I joined here so happy to have some back in my tent. I’ve had this black cream seed since I did my red...