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Jul 27, 2017
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hey guys, I've been a lurker for quite some time now And as the new illuminautos dropped I decided to test my luck. I run a 300w galaxyhydro led in a 2x3 linen closet and I used fox farms ocean mix with 30% perlite mixed in. On July 12 Gold Glue and Sour Crinkle sprouted. I gave them water for the first two weeks, and their first feed of calmag, terpinator, and general hydroponics yesterday. Today is day 15, and I was looking for any tips tricks and advice. I was also curious as to why gold glue has sativa like leaves although it is listed as 80% indica on the website. I will be posting updates constantly, and all feedback is welcome, remember this is my first grow. Thank you Mephisto and thank you to the forum!


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On my first go too..keep them well watered bro!
And - I grew Crimea Blue photoperiod that is also 80/20 indica... One seed grew no taller than my waist so id say 90/100cm max and was a Indica pheno

One seed finished nearly 2m tall with staiva leaves, and was a sativa pheno (both seeds were in the same pack) ... Its all about the genetics of the seeds you buy, pot luck and it's all about what kind of smoke you prefer... I found the 2nd sativa pheno was a much nicer smoke.. Had the same flavours as the other with a hint of haze haha
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hi and welcome :pass:
looking good so far,keep at it and you in for some mighty fine smoke.
have a good look around,if you get stuck pop into live stoners for directions.
good luck.
Welcome to the grow show!! You've got some mighty strong genetics to work with for ypir 1st auto run! That should make the journey that much easier! The first few weeks are like watching paint dry! There isnt much that the plant needs as a seedling. Once it has 4-5 nodes and is vegging is when things kick into gear. This is the quiet before the storm. Hahaa. Enjoy it. You're obviously doing a few things right because you've avoided many problems that start early on! With he illuminato drop Mephisto recently did, most strains weren't tested, so there will be pheno type differences. Looks great so far!! Keep up the awesome work!