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Jan 7, 2016
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DP Auto Orange bud
Really excited to grow these girls,one of the strains i hoped would be made an auto one day and my dream has come true,thanks to @DutchPassionTony for sending me some pre release seeds,they will be grown in 15ltr pots with pure coco

Tent=4x2 lighthouse
Light=200w diy cob light 4000k spectrum
Fans=rhino pro carbon filter,rhino pro fan,7 inch clip on fan
Nutes=AN sensi coco grow+bloom a+b,density calmag pro,density power boost pro,rhizotonic
Pots=2x 15 ltr square
Medium=cana coco pro

2 Seeds just popped into a glass and when they have sunk they will put into some kitchen towel and into an old dvd case wrapped in a old t shirt and put at the top of the tent untill we have a couple of tap roots then straight into there final 15ltr pots

@TheMongol @sanguine @912GreenSkell @auto noob @RamboGarden @Slowmo @Slater @Nosias @AutoJam @Roasty McToasty @Sensi Jay @NugNoob @James0807 @hippy71 @Bliciu86 @autobeast @Yozhik @Bailey sorry if i forgot anyone you are all welcome to follow along

Thanks for popping by :pass:
Very much looking forward to seeing this strains grow!! HOping its an intense orange smell for you!! The one DP auto i am patiently waiting for is the strawberry cough!! Would love to give that strain a go if DP comes out with it!!