2x2x3 new tent, 216w-led- Auto (SSH X OG)


Florescent Apocalypse
Apr 28, 2016
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Here we go, time again to replenish the medicine cabinet....

New tent and new lights for old T5 light I had and wanted to upgrade to a killer auto/veg tent/box,,,so here is the outcome of that idea, Its 216w of white 5500k led 2ft retro fit t5, 12 bulb set up, 18w per bulb. In a 2x2x3 tent, 4 inch inline fan, couple aux fans...

Using a make shift "earth box" type set up here, nearly 8 gallons of medium....your looking at organic coco,30% organic worm castings and some organic dryed up crumbled cooked 2-6-4 feeds up to 90 days , made up of mostly composted chicken litter and some other good stuff hits a lot of the stuff it needs,...it looks like...whatever it was on sale good solid brand anyway...adjustments will be made if necessary but strait water is the plan for most the grow, maybe a bloom boost timed rightly.

Strain - Yeah, here we got a chucking I did of a REG auto male flash KVS to a FEM Big Buddah SAS ....really nice cross , some phenos are really really potent...take you on a journey ,,,you just strait confused

Yup day 3 , C,mon little girl you can do'it IMG_20170828_185404121.jpg
Setup looks nice tom, can you tell me if I can hang power bars in this to plug in screw in led bulbs? I was looking into a tent but I already have the led bulbs from my PC case and wanna use what I already have instead of buying new lighting. Thanks
you could, you would probably want to mount them on something though....its a la garden tent only like 60 bones, I'm happy with it...its really only for veg or auto, no real light tight air vent on this one.
So this one doesn't have a light trap for the venting? I have my PC box but this is also not light tight this is why I was looking for a tent When you say mount it on something like a 2x4 Board?
no real light trap for venting....and yeah a 2x4 wood work.....you could also mount it on a top to a rubber maid container with zip ties....all kinds of ways yo...

but with what your telling , Is a 4x2x4 tent to big for you, , cause then i got a great recommendation
Yeah, The Grow lab 'clone lab'.....has a built in shelf frame that I know for a fact works very well with the power strip screw in LED setups....also the shelfing inside can be used as a scrog screen,,adjustable....your really not gonna find a more versatile tent smaller than this one at 4x2x4....and also you won't end up wanting a bigger one....it really is an ideal size for the home hobbiest.

also,to give a visual --->https://www.autoflower.org/threads/4x2x4-tent-scrog.61168/