Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Now Available


Sep 6, 2014
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pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow and Bloom are finally available. AN has been hyping this product as 'coming' since I started growing 3 years ago. With pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow and Bloom being newly developed, essentially now AN's top-of-the-line base nutes, and with multiple technological improvements claimed (and likely), this could well be the best coco base nutes out there.

The products are just starting to be stocked by vendors. With it new and in shortage, some are selling it are rip-off prices. I saw Bloom A&B as low as ~$40/set, with a set more readily available in $45/-$50 range. Yes, it's more expensive than most, but not that much more, and base nutes are the most important of all nutrients. [Along these lines, I completely can't understand why seemingly most everyone uses the pH Perfect Sensi base nutes, when AN flat-out tells everyone that the Connoisseur products are simply better, with better chelated nutes].

I am switching immediately to this new coco formula. Having always used the regular pH Perfect Connoisseur Coco Grow and Bloom (with cal-mag and silicates supplementation by foliar feeding, now using Transport/Optic Foliar), using tap water and never even checking pH, and getting good results, I don't expect any dramatic or even visible change. But I will at least have much better confidence that I can just feed the coco base nutes and not worry at all about cal-mag supplementation, K or other coco-related issues.
Interesting to say the least maybe they can send some AFN members samples lol I'd always ask myself is the connoisseur line that much more worth it, the coco line is awesome just having to not worry about ph is a good thing

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They say its for advence growers? Coment about that.