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May 24, 2017
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I was wondering why nobody in the US carries this product.

Learned this week...ordered a bunch of kits, shipped via UPS, and it got snagged in customs under the Toxic substance Control Act. Routed to Kentucky on monday, and pulled to warehouse.

@Biotabs F69.
Hello brother.

Is there a specific product that causes the issue? Customs is always a drag.
Never seen one smile.

Just thinking about my next order.........


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Nothing was told. Merchant emailed and said one of the items cant be imported. No specifics, just they apologized, refunded, and added good ol USA to their do not ship list.
This is the email they sent me.

"First of all we apologize for the unconvinience with your order. As you
can see me made our part and your order is in US customs. Now that we
already sent them all the product compounds and info, seems some of the
products contained in Biotabs kit are not legal in the States. We will
speak with ups and try to get the goods back but probably it's not
possible so trying to be fair with you we'll refund you.

As we didn't know it before sending the order, we just proceeded to
refund you the money you paid to the credit card used for the purchase
(you'll see it's back, if not today maybe tomorrow)."

It is quite funny, actually.
In the registration proces, they ask a lot of money per product. They also ask crazy info, like how much does a thricodrma bacteria weighs? And don't make it easy at all.
We are in the proces of getting it done, But it takes a lot of time.

Also the 'fast' and 'good' (UPS MRW FEDEX) working shipping company, work to efficient. or have a good relation with customs. And for some reason the boxes alway get checked.

If you use a bit slower shipping company. Also don't chose the fastest delivery possibility. The boxes will arive.

Also the size of the box matters, big ones get checked faster ect...
Those bigger companies have internal customs clearance and go out of their way to tax as much as they can. They make millions out of it every day.