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Sep 28, 2017
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So a quick about me :
Personal use only
3 grows done Auto's only
20+ year smoker
Strongly prefer indica but enjoy Sativa
Been watching you guys for a while

Tent is a lighthouse 32x32x84
Grow 4 autos in 3 gallon fabric pots
Flora trio nutes + root + bloom booster
Phresh carbon filter and an Amazon 4" fan
Meizhi 600w light

So I'm sure most of you spotted the problem is with the blurple Meizhi she has done what I needed her to do and I can't fault her for that but she hasn't been the best and I know I didn't get the best so it's cool I didn't pay a lot. However now it's time to upgrade the light to something a bit more proper as I want better quality denser nugs and more of them as some strains were fluffy with my Meizhi. I have 2 lights in mind but I am open minded to suggestions/advice . I am leaning towards getting 2 Timber 2 VL lamps or 2 Amare Solar Spec 150's. I usually grow 4 plants 2 and then 5-6 weeks later start the next 2 so every 5-6 weeks I harvest 2 plants. I usually pair the strains so it's 2 and 2 but not always depends on what I have. That is why I am wanting the 2 fixtures so I can have independent height for each side of the tent in separate grow phases. The issue is these 2 lights are both seemingly good options I will be using them for at least 5 years (God willing) and I'm sure both are good but one may be better for my setup so I'm hoping for some good advice as to which one and why or another suggestion I may have overlooked. I thank you for any help in advance in my Timber vs Amare mind fuck. I am looking to feel the money is well spent as for me this is a lot of cash and I know a lot of you are way smarter than I am with this stuff.

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Hey dude nice choices :headbang:

Those two timbers at 400w is gonna be a hell of a lot for your tent man! Probably way too much. Two of their little lights would rock it.

But then I guess too much is always better than not enough :crying:
The Cree option better?

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Marginally, on paper mate. In reality probably bugger all between them. The citizens are so well proven on this forum they're hard to beat for the money. I love citizens.

I'd say you can't go wrong with either of them dude. Or blow the budget, get the big ones, and keep them dimmed until you're fully into flowering :woohoo1:
I use 200w in 36x36 tent and its plenty man. 400w at flowering time would be good though.
In fact I only ran 100w this time for vegging 4 plants for the first few weeks. Amazing tech.
What about autocobs from @BigSm0?
Have you thought about something like a quantum board led from growerslights?