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Aug 15, 2021
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Hi peeps,

Not quite first time grower but may aswell be. This year I had two on the go, one phoenix big yield and one Barneys farm tangerine dream. Greenhouse grow. To cut a long story short, the big yield didnt yield big, lost quite a bit to mold. She took 13 weeks instead of 9, and is now chopped. She was low stress trained and was pretty small.

The "tangerine dream" however, I suspect is not auto atall. Shes twice the size she was supposed to be, now sitting at almost 140cm. She was supposed to be done at 11 weeks, it's now week 14 and still no flowers, so I suspect photo. She does have female calyxs though.

Anyway, my issue is as so. I defoliated her a "little bit". Since then her bud sites/new apical growth sites bleached out to an almost white. I figured it was sign of pre flowering glow as often seen, however since then these sites are growing kinda brownish.

Since shes not an auto as expected, chances are shes not tangerine dream. Could this be preflowers of a different strain, or is this an issue? Anyone seen anything like this before?



For random ref images, the phoenix


Compared to your recently harvested Phoenix, the Tangerine Dream looks like it is not getting enough nutrition. What nutrition are you using? How much are you watering?.
Even with deficiencies, most auto flowers will try and put out some pistils. You may have a photo or a hybrid that is showing photo tendencies.

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