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Jan 17, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I've decided to setup a New Thread for all my Growing Stuff since my Guided Grow from @autobeast is over its time to start a fresh.

In tribute I will always be known as AutoBeastMethods as he has taught me everything without him I just would not be here.

Today is Day 2 of complete darkness for the latest out from @Fast Buds Heather and their Chemdawg Auto.

This is the 3rd of these I've grown and by far the chunkiest and stinkiest.

Shes had a full diet of the UK Based Company Monkey Nutrients Grow, Bloom, Stress, Boost and PK 14/15 in last 2 weeks before flush.


Here's a bud close up too.


I also tried my hand at Isopropyl FECO yesterday with my Northern Lights. I was a little underwhelmed by the terpenes and taste of the Northern so decided to use 10g for trying my hand at my own Lemon Sherberts.
Ordered the lecithin, citric acid and Corn syrup as well as silicone moulds so that should be fun.

It's currently in the window sill evaporating off all the alcohol without applying heat so probably 3 days it will be ready.

In the tent at the moment I have 5 Plants on a perpetual cycle in a 4"x4 Tent in 15L Pots.

I have just bought a Mars Hydro 240x120x200 and so I will be upsizing before the next update.

All grown under HPS for another round of 12 weeks then I'll be upgrading my setup.

I'll be leaving room in the tent for a grow and show with @DutchPassionTony Skywalker Haze Auto and a GrowAlong with Mephisto for a friend but the goal is to have 10 plants in a perpetual cycle across 12 weeks

I've managed to work 5 into a 12 cropping every 18-25 days so hopefully I can just double the load when the twins come out as you'll see below the age of what I have in there.

The Sour Diesel is germinating as we speak in the kitchen towel method.

Screenshot_20210518-160558_Days Since.jpg

Happy Growing Gang
Everyday Growing is a Day Learning
:pop::cheers: Good luck with the new ladies, I'll be watching and learning :smoking:
Good day fellow Green fingers.

Today's update comes from Chop Day for my FastBuds Strawberry Pie Auto.

73 Days above ground and she has had 48 Hours darkness at 25% Amber Trichomes.

Only managed a week of flush with this one as she went from Milky to cloudy to Amber at a much more accelerated rate than the Chemdawg so my inexperience with growing has led to less flush time otherwise I'd have missed optimum chop window.

I don't believe feed in the last 2 weeks affects flavour and flushing is more for economics than purpose after trawling many a recent study quashing the old flushing stigmas using normal vegetables and Cannabis in their studies so it will be a good way to find out as I have another Strawberry Pie in Flower that I'll be able to give a proper flush now I know what to expect.

Regardless she's just the chunkiest most resin coated girl I've grown so far and has had a full feeding schedule of Monkey Nutrients. Can't recommend these guys enough so if you're thinking of changing Nutrients get in touch I'm now an affiliate of theirs so can get you some great rates.

Anyway 73 Days Old and she is now hanging upside down until her branches snap.

In the tent now we have Chemdawg, Strawberry Pie, Tangie and Sour Diesel with big changes coming very soon.

Thanks for allowing me to take some of your time

Happy Growing Gang
Everyday Growing is a Day Learning


Good day fellow Green fingers.

Sneak Peek at the new @Marshydro 240x120x200 Tent. Just 3 girls in there while waiting for some special deliveries so I've even got space for a chest of drawers in there full of Nutes. Don't know what to do with all the space but what a fantastic unit of a tent. Love the windows and the @Fast Buds Heather Tangie,Strawberry Pie and 00 Seeds Chemdawg Autos are loving life.

Already noticing the 00 seeds chemdog isn't as impressive as the fast Buds. Much wider nodal spacing and very few lower bud sites with one node only having one off branch too which is a shame.

Does reinforce my belief Fast Buds are top of the Tree competitors for Genetics but I'm also a little Bias so the proof will be in the pudding.

I've had to retrain the Tangie she's bushed out phenomenally and is looking like 2 plants. The bud site quantity reminds me of the Northern Lights but is smelling much fruitier and far more fantastic.

The Strawberry Pie is the 2nd I've grown the first is hanging upside down drying and her sister is producing an insane amount of budsites especially on the branch I supercropped and caused some high stress as a bit of an experiment so over the moon that has proved fruitful. It's got a knuckle like a babies knee.

Days 47,48 and 29 for these 3 girls so 2 weeks more feed then flush will begin.

Happy Growing Gang
Everyday Growing is a Day Learning
Also the Sour Diesel didn't pop which is perhaps a blessing in disguise with so many amazing Genetics on the way that are a mystery to my palette and I'm well versed with sour diesel.

The new Tent wants new strains!

Happy Growing Gang
Everyday Growing is a Day Learning