Automatic transplanting?


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Jul 20, 2017
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I was lead to believe you need to grow autos in the final pot, but is it true? It would be easier to have in a cup and then move on to a bigger one?

Your experience?Maybe the strain and breeder would help!
There are several opinions and posts about this topic. We even have a Myth Busters thread for autoflowers.. Its personal preference. Most autos are sensitive to transplanting.. Some members plant the entire solo cup into a bigget pot.. Some do traditional transplanting.. The trick is to get the timing right... You want to transplant it prior to it showing sex.. Which is usually between 14-20 days.. Its not like a photo where it is going to veg for weeks and weeks. So for some, its pointless to plant in a solo cup for 2 weeks.. And so they plant directly into the final pot . But it is definitely possible and people around here do it all the time.
Just make sure that you don't do anything to slow the root growth down, that's bad for autos as they don't have time to recover. Me and my boy transplant autos from plugs to final containers every time...just don't wait too long and use good practices.

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Or use biodegradable small pots , then they don't notice the move. They are cheap or you can make your own.

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Or use biodegradable small pots , then they don't notice the move. They are cheap or you can make your own.

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If you use 1 of these you may want to make a few holes extra. I was looking in to using these, and I came across a lot of growers saying not to cause some plants the roots couldn't get through. Never used but you may want to give some help. Have ask why can't you just start in final pot? On my forth grow never had any issues from it. I think you make more work (not much) but do what your comfortable with. I your environment is right and your lights aren't to strong you should be fine starting in final pot. Not hatin', just askin' lol.
A limited grow time situation like autoflower's will always have two camps. Those who think adding "trauma" to a plant that is basically on a timer is not a good idea (I lean towards this) and those who are more adventuresome and push the envelope. It's good to have both. There is always more than one way to grow and everyone has their own individual comfort levels.
I use solo cups to germinate and pop and move to pots pretty soon after.

I use two cups. The inside cup has lots of holes and it cut in half vertically so it can be pulled apart when I want to transplant. The outside cup has holes in it for drainage and air. When its time pull the outer cup off and pull the inner cup apart and make sure you have the soil/medium safely in hand and drop in a hole in the pot. If you have shaky hands I would not do it this way.
Thanks for the tips and tricks guys. I thank you guys a lot!
Hey, I don't care how anyone grows all love here! All kinds of ways to skin a cat lol. I am a person that believes everything we do in life is best with balance. I Will take a team of guys/girls who aren't great at 1 thing but good at several, over team of individual stars. I think your best chance to get optimal results is to blend a medley of technic that suits your skills. If your happy with what you get then your doing it just right! That's really what its all about, right? But I am trying to see if I can learn something here. Why would you want to transplant if you don't have to? Can I get better growth transplanting? If so, I'll start doing it. Or if I was doing regular seed and didn't want males I could see that too. But if those 2 aren't the answer I just don't know why you would add factors which could trip you up? I have a lot to learn, can someone correct me if i missed this lol.