AutoPots vs DeceptiCans : The "Lazy" Girls Experiment ;P

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May 24, 2017
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so, for my first indoor grow with gear ( thank you hubby ) Ill be doing a comparison grow of mediums nutes and containers.

Most..well all of my growing has been outdoors in my fairy garden. I would plant seeds here n there, or in a few containers strewn about. Never growing monsters, but always gettin at least a zipper, this is going to be exciting, and a learning experience.

So..... in a 1mx1mx2m tent with 6" exhaust vent fan, and a grow counter in the room, Ill be starting a full round of plants, as our continual grow had an unexpected interruption.

The tent will be starting out with two 300w equiv blurple lights ( about 120w ea ) starting at 36" and build to four.
The table will start with two 50w COBS at 36" and build to three.

Here is the mix and match.......

All my outdoor growing has been with feed for six month potting soil, and the occasional dr earth nutes as needed by plant signs. I grow flowers, orchids, peppers, and other medicinal herbs, so i just buybig bags of potting mix, and i am a happy camper.

So i want to do a side by side.

Ill be growing some with biotabs, and some with miracle grow 6 month potting mix.

Here is the list......

Three Sweet Seeds, sweet skunk autos will compare a few things...... two Dutch Passion blackberry kush will be tossed in for fun, and i have 2 blue dream photos to bring in the rear.

Here is the layouts.......
In the tent
Autopot 1 will be a sweet skunk, and biotabs setup. Scotss topsoil mixed 50/50 with perilite.
Autopot 2 will be sweet skunk, and a 60/40 miracle grow with perilite mix.
5gal cloth 1 is a blackberry kush and the biotabs setup / topsoil mix
5gal cloth 2 is a blackberry kush and miracle grow mix.

On the table
2 1/2gal solid container will be the third sweet skunk with biotabs and topsoil mix.
2 1/2gal solid container with a blue dream photo and 100% miracle grow mix
3gal cloth pot ( in tent atm ) with a blue dream photo and biotabs with the top soil mix

I have another miracle grow mix 3 gal on standby as i have another blue dream staged to pop.

All containers also got 1-2TBS of garden lime as well, so they dont get the Mg slant that LEDs bring.

All the girls sprouted on Aug 2.
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Welcome aboard good sirs!
Well i saw the thread titled sbout catchy titles and figured...why not :crying:

Thank you, im looking forward to he adventure!
Well, just because Im inside this time, does not mean I cant treat the girls like the rest of my greenies and garden pretties!
I have my eye on a couple of zombie gnomes for my tent :thumbsup:. They are all so cool it is hard to pick just a couple.
Im going to do each pot different, possibly theme them out, move pieces around each day to different locations.... think elf on a shelf, only more like Pot Pixies....pun intended ;):wiz:
Two White Widow autos sprouted tails, so into my lion king cups they go!

The other Blue Dream decided to pop her head up! Week after the rest but hey!