Banana Blaze Auto - possible deficiency?

Apr 29, 2021
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Glueberry, Banana Blaze, Mazar, Hi-Fi 4G, Euforia
Problem: Strange Mottling on Leaf

Medium/grow method: BioBizz Lightmix (Soil)

Feed: and supplements used:
  • BioGrow (1ml/L)
  • BioBloom (2ml/L)
  • Alg-a-mic (2ml/L)
  • CalMag (0.5ml/L)
water source: Tap water
  • 7.5pH before nutes, 6.5 after
  • 450EC before nutes, 1400 after
  • 2L ~3 days
Strain/age: Auto Banana Blaze (DPS) - 55days, Week 2 Flower

light used: Migro Array 2
  • 120W LED
  • 3500K with Reds
  • ~450-550 PAR
  • 20/4 cycle
  • Lights ~18cm from top
Climate: Temps ~22-25C, 45-60% RH

Additional info:
  • This plant was very stretchy as a seedling.
  • It started showing issues around the change to flower (40 days)
  • I couldn’t find much that looked like what I was seeing. Best guess I had was a phosphorus deficiency brought on by an Mg deficiency (I read somewhere that autos can have Calmag issues around the stretch)
  • I added calmag (0.8ml/L) and followed the guide for bloom nutes (upped to 2ml/L as it was now the 2nd week of flower)
  • Issue seemed to slow
  • Fed on Sunday again, lighter dose of CalMag (0.5ml/L)
  • Its partner in the tent (A Glueberry O.G. Auto) is showing no issues
77714D62-69B7-4389-A4E9-BC2AB556E349.jpeg This occurred a day after I first noticed the issue, before I had time to correct (I didn’t want to over water)
Taken today:
1DDF2474-987F-4296-B699-7CFAF637A264.jpeg E437EF5A-97FC-4C31-8137-90A5F7E4A33A.jpeg DBBC7205-56D8-424B-A2DE-6B487F67310E.jpeg 189E83B4-AD83-4CF8-A057-C978138F2F77.jpeg
Partner Plant:
I realise my LST is uneven as hell, first time trying it out!
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Thankyou for your detailed jnfo.
No problem! Information is key when trying to solve these problems! Plus useful for anyone else trying to solve problems. I think I might just have an odd pheno with this one and it’s making it a tad hungrier.
seems its always early flower when they tell you what youve been doing wrong :wall:
whats the ppm coming out (runoff)? might be helpful..
Thats some pretty hard water to have a ca or mag deficiency..also a pretty high ppm if thats what you meant by 1400ec, if not my bad.. maybe a lockout.. runoff ppm and ph would be next place to look imo

@Mañ'O'Green is the biobizz and bottles guy if i recall.. ide see if he has any insight.

@BlazedAlien :welcome:Welcome to AFN:welcome:Lets make sure we are on the same page with EC. do you mean .450 EC or 450 PPM?

ScreenHunter_260 Jun. 11 20.24.jpg
I am going to assume 225PPM which is going to be high in calcium to start with as much as 100PPM. Bio-Bizz light mix has Dolomite lime as an ingredient. This is a long term source of calcium and magnesium and should be enough for the entire grow maybe even two or three grows. You are adding more with the base nutrients. They do not have a guaranteed analysis so no way to know how much. Then finally you are adding Cal-mag. The calcium needs for C3 plants is 80 - 140 PPM. You are way over that! The feeding chart for Bio-Bizz shows you may only need more with Soft <50 PPM water or RO.


Too much calcium will lock out Phosphorous and that is what I am seeing in the leaves of your plant.


The over use of Cal-Mag is the number one problem I see in the Infirmary. Unfortunately Bio-Biz light mix does not respond well to flushing so don't do that. Just stop putting calcium in the pot. Use distilled or RO water. PH to 6.3. Get the rest of the nutrient program. All of those products are needed to get a Balanced fertilizer program.

Then follow the Bio-Biz light schedule at about 60% strength.

Bio Bizz.jpg

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    Tom Bombadil

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    good stuff


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    Super useful information, loads of detail and lots of explanation which is so incredibly helpful as a new grower and someone who is interested in learning as much as possible!


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    That's the way to do it! :D
This is really really useful information, you so much.

I take all my measurements in EC so yeah, 450uS/cm.

The water report for my area doesn’t call out calcium specifically. Chloride ranges from 7.5ppm to 9ppm. Likewise they don’t measure magnesium. I’d link to the water report but I’m not keen to have something tying me to a location (our laws are not as progressive as other areas), happy to DM if interested.

I’d followed the advice from BB (posted elsewhere here) with light mix to use N at all-mix levels (1ml/L) and the rest at light mix levels. My other plant (the Glueberry) has been fine with this but she’s been strong since about week three (she started very small).

I’ll stop all calmag, and reduce the bloom nutes too. I use fabric pots (11L/3gal) so rarely water to runoff but I’ll water to run off today and my measurements.

RO water is harder to come by here but I’ve family that work In labs and can likely get me some. I’ll ph up the water to 6.3 (last watering was 6.65).

Believe it or not, my water is considered soft. No scaling on taps, or kettles etc. You should see the state of some of the water in cities here.

Really want to concentrate on getting my nute game down, learning to read the plant. Healthy plants > yield at this point in my growing journey. Thanks for the link, I’ll take a read now!
Would have more interveinal bleaching with a magnesium deficiency. Looks like a lack of calcium and potassium to me.. possibly from too much magnesium judging by the shade of green.