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Jun 18, 2015
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I found the pictured one this morning and about 8 more a few minutes ago.
How do I use them?
How much time do I have to use them?

They came from photoperiod Afghani that I had crossed with an auto.

Interesting question, I have no experience in breeding, but from missing some of these in previous grows they open like a small flower, releasing pollen... the plucked ones might be immature. Am sure someone more knowledgeable will pop up and answer this, I'll be watching to find out...
I've seen post about it where people opened the bananas up and pollenated other plants to create femenised seeds. My plant is already cut down and drying. I just noticed them and I don't have any females showing pistil.
You might search saving pollen, I know thar can be done, but not sure if you need to do something special
No offense meant here, but not worth saving for a rainy day. To each their own, but I would pick pollen from a reg male that met my needs. Late stage staminates are used to make fem seeds, as an alternative to chemical induction of staminate production, but you also have the photo x auto question to solve. Using pollen from a plant that becomes intersex could result in offspring that are more apt to produce the same "nanners". Would require more selection for stability down the line. Anything is possible.
See? Told ya a voice of wisdom would appear and set things right!