Best organic way to kill this...leaf miners maybe?


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Jul 12, 2016
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Just spotted this on a seedling, any advice what are they(never had pests before) and how to kill them without chemicals?
Don't do neem I tried that these little bastards wouldn't die till I went online eBay and bought 4500 lady bugs for 19.99 I think shipped and let loose like half of them in my tent problem solved and tyhe dead lady bugs usually die in the pots problem solved again lol chears orcon pest solutions offers a green lacewing/ladybug combo package it's cheap but there shopping isn't hope that helped

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Oh and I do believe those are one of 750 different kinds of leaf hopper

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Bought cold pressed neem oil yday and sprayed them a bit...gotta say i didn't see them since then, even one mosquito that was hiding ran like hell lol
Lol i live in a small condo and it's just a 2.5x2.5 tent, 4500 ladybugs would make a chaos even if half of them dies in transport...if it was a bit earlier in the year i could go outside and collect a few, for now i'll try neem for a week or two...gotta say they almost doubled over night, does neem contain any nitrogen or aminoacids?
Yeah still not sure what is it, thrips or thrips hang out on the leaf or under it?
:yeahthat: those look like thrips to me, so does the damage on leaf,.. spinosad is the better choice, but neem oil will do the trick! Spray tops and bottoms of leaves, use a wetting agent for better sticking and even coverage,... shoot the soil too, in case there are pupating larvae there,... they don't feed at this time, but will emerge as fertile, flying adults,...:nono:
Thought so thanks for the confirmation :toke:

Speayed them twice so far in space of 2 days, first time just neem and water, second time i squezzed half a lime in the bottle
@Waira You think lime will work as a sticky agent or should i use just a drop of plain detergent maybe?

Edit: in EU so don't have Spinosaud here unfortuntely