Bigger Pot = Longer Grow Time

bigger pots = longer growth cycles ?

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Yes, bigger pots = longer time needed to finish. But also means bigger yield.
This is not exactly correct because you can finsh the plant any time technically you could flip it into flower sooner dont matter the pot side or plant but yes in testing technically as the roots have more space to grow the ppants do get bigger just look at trees
Hello fellow AFNers, contrary to what some people say and think about autoflowers having some kind of programmed life cycle, i have found over the years certain factors can speed up and slow things down. Just as their photoperiod brothers and sisters i believe a stunted autoflower does not necessarily mean a decline in final product and yield but only a delay in getting there. I feel an autoflower will switch the flower switch when its ready.

One factor i am curious to get other peoples opinions on is pot sizes, particurlary in soil. I think there is a correlation ie. Bigger pot longer veg and flower time. For me over the years i have increased the pot sizes i used from 12l up to 30l over time and think these larger plants in larger pots seem to take considerably longer to finish.

This is an open discussion so please feel free to throw in you 2 cents and cast your votes.:pass:
Technology yes this is true cuz as in a bigger pot your called for a bigger yield cuz a longer veg growth and flower time so yes its true but there are also people who flip there plants as soon they see sex about 6-8 weeks in veg
Well my Bonsai cannabis has disproved the small container with soil taking less time thing to me, they may be far smaller but they take the same amount of time to go from seed to harvest.
I like this topic. I know those that believe that a bigger pot will give bigger yields. And maybe so with a photo. Just my O2. As for veg time. I think that is more strain dependent. Most of my autos run about 5 weeks of veg. in a 3 or 5 gallon pot. I have only had a few that hit 7 weeks and they were both in a 3 gallon pots. There is a lot more at play than just veg time. But that is not what this thread is about. A short veg time doesn't always mean smaller yields.
in my experience yes, pot size will definitely have an effect on grow time !! but also yield potential is unparalleled, roughly 6 weeks since sprouting... 9 litre fabric pots vs 20 litre fabric pots... one other thing I've encountered is more calcium deficiencies with smaller pots as apposed to bigger pots, but that's probably on me see first enclosed pic.. biobizz allmix...


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Size of pot and choice of medium definitely makes a difference in how long a Autoflower will grow until it’s finished. It also affects yield..

It’s also important to take into the equation what kind of strain you are growing, as some are bred to be smaller/bigger.

Some strains only have the capacity to get maxed out in a 3 gal pot whilst others maybe need a 10gal or even larger.
If you prohibit root-growth just a little, it will affect the plants veg and flower-time 4 sure.
I grow in 27 liter pots and have done for a number of years now , indoors , and as I build my own organic soil the nutrient holding capacity of 27 ltr pots sees me through the whole grow with small amounts of inputs mid flower , Stated grow times should be taken with a pinch of salt , depends on how you grow , experience , grow room set up . ect With autos I get stated grow times , and also a week or so longer , which will depend on the amber % I am after . Yield I never have a problem with , stated and higher . My last grow all came in at the time frame the breeder stated , all but 1 . which has not happened before .

Ps Very little experience with Photos . mostly Autos . :thumbsup: