Biobizz Grow or Fish Mix


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May 24, 2017
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Hi there!

I have been using Biogrow for veg stage and flowering stage. But everybody recommends switching to fishmix. I'm considering to using fish-mix for all stages veg and flowering. Is it a wise choice? Or should i keep using grow and forget about fishmix? i cant have both and switch between them.
Hi pal, I use the fishmix as grow , I personally find it a better option, I add a dash epsome salts as well , since doing that I don't use Cal,mag, as the fishmix provides the calcium and epsome salts the magnesium. I continue to feed the fish mix throughout and start to introduce bloom 10 days after they show sex
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First time grower here with a heap full of knowledge , I went for biobizz all mix, biobizz nuits and my plants are flying , tho I did add about ,20℅ black magic that has bat shit and worm along with root stimulation, week 3 and I've run into minimal problems, stick to what you know as like they say don't fix something that's not broken ..Peace fellow grower
i have both,in theory fishmix is better for veg 5-1-4 than grow 4-3-5.i have tried both seperate/turn about and mixed up together sometimes.i aint smart enough to tell the difference.