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May 20, 2017
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One of my Bluetooth autos has some yellowing and drying of some bottom leaves and now it seems to be spreading onto other leaves along with brown spots. Here are some pictures. I had over fed them at one point and did a flush on them. Since then I had two waterings with just cal-mag at 1ml/ L.

The Bluetooths are the two in front.



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That's not near enough cal/mag.Up your cal/mag to 1 tsp. per gal or 15 ml and start feeding her nutes.What type of nutes are you using and at what dosage?
multiple things going on here mate,.. please fill out the patient form in the section above this one, highlighted area,.. there's a form to cut and paste,... data that matta' man! .... big picture, they look semistarved, P defc big time, N defc., maybe S defc. or other micronutes too,... soil pH is a must know!
Problem: Brown/yellowing leaves, spreading to other leaves.

Medium/grow method: Coco Loco Bushdoctor with extra perlite added

Feed: and supplements used: AN pH Perfect Micro Grow Bloom at a 1-1-1 ratio and at 1/2 strength, CalMagic

water source: Very Soft Tap Water, pH’d to 6.3

Strain/age: 37 day Bluetooth Auto From MSNL

light used: Amare SP400

Climate: 2x4x7 tent, exhaust system and passive intakes. Temps around 77-82F and Humidity swings from 30-60%

Additional info: Had to flush the plants at around day 25ish due to lockout caused by to high of nutrient in the soil (2000 PPM). Flushed them to around 150 PPM and have been feeding just pH’d water and calmagic a 1 ml per liter. I feed to 10-15% runoff and let the pots dry good before watering again. Run off pH is around 6.5 and ppm around 450.
:thanks:..... Amare's are amazing lights! --how far away is it from the plant tops, BTW? ..too close can cause some mixed problems,...
pH looks good,... just to confirm, you know about coco's odd CEC properties, specifically it being a huge Ca hog, Mg to a lesser degree? I'm not an AN user,.. is this the normal feed rate and ratio? With pH OK, and run-off ppm low now, post flush,...and no nutes at all you say? ... i think this is a simple lack-of certain nutes problem, which is good news,... how much of this damage is from the previous build-up issue? did it go south faster after that flush? Mixed symptoms like this can be tough to diagnose, the waters get muddied! Lower leaf yellowing is N defc. (it's mobile within the plant); the necrotic patches scattered around are mainly P defc., also mobile.... overall paleness, tops worst, likely S defc. in part at least (not mobile),... might some Mg and /or micronute's issue too..?
time to ease the feeds up a bit, maybe even do some foliar spraying with epsoms (MgSO4) 1tsp/qt, use a wetting agent for sure; tops and bottoms of leaves,...
these are pretty far down the road of hurtin' brudda, so how much actual reversal of symptoms (yellowing mainly) will happen isn't likely to be complete,... really hammered leaves will croak out anyway,... the plant is drawing what mobile nutes she can from the fans, to support newer growth :crisps:
The light is at 24" above the tallest plant. It was at 22" so I raised them yesterday. I think my fan was blowing on them too much also. I turned the bigger fan to blow towards the wall instead of the plants. Yeah, I questioned the feed ratio for this product and all my research has come up that AN recommends a 1-1-1 for the base nutes. Probably they expect you to buy other nutes for flowering. I actually feel like a lot of the yellowing and brown spots happened after the flush so I suspect under feeding. Not sure but they are all flowering so I will ride this out. Next time I think I'm going to use FFHF mixed with Coco Loco.
..have you checked out TaNg's AN feed schedule? A-Train has a good one too, but used other products as well,.. I don't think the 3-part system is at it's best alone,.. AN is notorious for needlessly splitting up products so you have to buy a dozen f'ing bottles to really get the best core nutes and supplements,...:doh:
....Any combo of too much air movement, low RH%, higher temp's, and over intense light can cause stress relating to heat, water/transpiration,... with your plants I see some signs on the tops, (raised margins), and the pale color would stand out more if the plants weren't so pale all over as well,...I don't think this was a big factor over all,... most of this is longer term nutritional issues,... There are so many other great nutrients, several of which are showcased right here,.. don't feel obliged to stay with AN! ... often as not, I see local horticultural stores offering sample kits from various nute' companies, so there's that,... ask around!