Bushmasterar15 starts an outdoor grow


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Feb 5, 2017
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Well I had the plans to do an indoor grow. But life got in the way with family and my health issues that I had to put it on hold. So for now I just decided to give it a go with some 7 liter pots on the outside deck. I'm using organic soil from our garden and if needed will add nutes.

July 16 dropped FastBuds Fastberry, SweetSeeds Fast Bud [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG], Victory Seeds Limonade Skunk and SuperAutos Strawberry Mango Haze for a soak.

July 17 after less than 24hr soak the SweetSeeds Fast Bud [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] and Victory Seeds Limonade Skunk cracked showing tails. So I put them into their pots.

July 18 the FastBuds Fastberry showing tail and SuperAuto Strawberry Mango Haze cracked. They got put into their pots.
July 21
So I went out today to check to make sure they aren't overly soaked as we had some rain come in last night and what do I have here. Now just
waiting on the others to start popping their heads out.
Well you know that I am in for the ride my friend, I love outdoor grows like our brother @DABaracuss said. Just the opposite for old stick though, as I can and do grow under the great light in the sky. Good to see you my old friend DAB, been a long while, sorry that you are not able to grow outdoors. and hope you have been well.

\@bushmasterar15 So sorry to hear about the health issues, as I know all to well about having to deal with them.

Anyway, super excited to follow along, and will be here anytime you post,and a big congratulations on the young one. I have started at least 1000 seeds, and I always get excited when I see them break ground.