Mephisto Genetics CDLC x SW in autopots

Jan 28, 2021
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Hi wonderful people. I hope everyone doing well.

I started some freebies in autopots to see how this soil works out. The soil is mendo mix by royal gold with about an inch of perlite on the bottom and about a quarts worth of worms 707 on top for the seeds to get started in. I didn't mix anything into the soil and wanted to see how it goes. I've watered 2 times with 4 cups in each pot and they seem to be doing ok. They started under a couple of t5 lights but I changed it out after about a week to an led light. I had the light dimmed to 150 ppfd and just increased it to 200 yesterday. The tent is an ac infinity with a 6'' exhaust fan. The driver and the fan are both mounted outside of the tent because of height limits. I had to go with a short tent because ceiling height.

I hope this works out for me. I have another tent going with some Forum Stompers and had to make some changes during the grow. I was having nothing but issues with slime and ph swing with gh nutes. I finally gave up on the gh and switched to jacks ro. I also changed from cree cobs to a qb setup and everything seems to be under control now. My slime and ph problems just went away after ditching the gh. It's strange too because I have used gh for years in the past and liked how stable it was with flood tables and eb n flow buckets.

Not sure how old these are. I'm thinking the better part of 3 or 4 weeks. I did note the start date, but I can't seem to locate where I put it. lol
looking good :thumbsup: :d5: :toke::goodluck::pop:
These 2 are on day 1. I put them in yesterday and the shells came off this morning. I soaked them for 24 hrs and then had them in a papet towl until the tail was about .5 inch. These are 3BOG x mango Smile in 3 gal with coco/ perlite with Jack's RO
at 1/4.
Top ones looking quite nice!

What is that lower setup with the white square buckets and hoses? I don't think I've seen it before.
Thanks :toke:. Those are from the bucket company. I liked the idea of changing the PVC legs to change the height.
I hope everyone is well.:bighug:


Thankfully the left one stopped. The light is as high as it can go. I have the light set at 400 umol on a 20/4. Any higher and they start stressing.
I'm Still running only water in the tank.
These 2 overgrew my tent pretty quick. I had to do a lot of topping. Next time I'll run these in a taller tent.

I am really liking the buckets. I'll be moving these 3 gallon ones to the shorter tent after this run and replacing them with 5 gallon buckets.
Aha! I spy a "grow gnome" in there! @Kyote has one too. I spent a lot of ime trying to figure out what product "grow gnome" could be.....