Cheap RO system


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Jul 8, 2016
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Guys, can someone recommend me something similar to RO filters? Something cheap, I want to get rid of Ca/Mg in my water, but I will only using water for 2 plants, so no need for whole house or something big and pricey. Or better saying, just need something to lower my EC/PPM value of tap water. If it removes something else, that would be okay to me. I would like to hear science behind every option.

Maybe something like this?

Please don't comment "get rain water", because I've tried that option and is no go.
I've been using the Berkey carbon filters for a little bit now, and like them. However, they are a bit of a "leap of faith" filter because with the way they work, the TDS readings will frequently go up as the water may pick up some ION's or micro carbon going through the filter element. Also, if you're specifically looking for cal/mag they might not be right as they don't mention that amongst all the stuff they do filter out on their spec sheets. Mostly they target bacteria, virus, chlorine, and heavy metal type contaminants but leave "beneficial minerals".

Anyhow, I slapped together a little unit using a five and a three gallon bucket with some lids to save over their pricey stainless tank setup. You can get a replacement set of filters to make something with for a hundred and change.

Here's their spec sheet info:
Here's a blurb on why the TDS readings will go up:

Dunno...may not be what you're looking for but figured I'd toss it out for an alternative to check out. :smoking:
Dug up the little write up I did on my DIY Berkey filter:

@Ozone69 I don't know if I need this. My tap water is okay and clean, only EC is little higher - 0.5.
And this filter you linked says it removes patogen bacteria and caffeine. Lol, we don't have this in our water.
However, I didn't notice Ca/Mg word in text...
$100 on Amazon..My tap water ppm is 78..This unit is not an RO system but can be upgraded to RO..This model is for removing Chlorine and Chloramine which I need to do for my living soil.This comes with a coconut carbon filter and sediment filter.




These filters lower your ppm? How much?
These filters really don't lower your ppm, adding the RO upgrade will..If it's ppm you're looking to drop, an RO filter is your best bet. The Hydrologic stealth RO system is $195 on Amazon and around the same size as the unit I have..My tap is 78 ppm so I'm not really worried about it..Worst case scenario,I can cut the filtered tap with distilled.