Cheese auto flower going yellow

Aug 30, 2021
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what up everybody!
min new here and new to growing. I have a cheese autoflower plant that is almost 3 weeks old. It just started turnin yellow about the last 4 days. I had it under lighting schedule for 24/7 just changed it yesterday to 18/6. It’s in coco with perlite soil and some slow release nutrients that came pre packaged. I have been watering with r/o water and cal mag mixed in about 2.5 to 3 ml in the gallon of r/o water. Any help would be appreciated!
That seems like alot calmag but I haven't use nutrients in a while now. Post some pics without the blurple light if you can, so you can show the damage in its "true" color
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Problem: autoflower leaves turning yellow
-Medium/grow method: soil; mother wart coco plus perlite added to that is one pound to 5 gallon of soil is autoflower living soil concentrate from nature’s living soil.
-Feed and supplements used: use cal-mag from bottle add between 2.5 and 3 ml per gallon of water water about every 2 days or so (alone); method-- by hand
-Water source: RO
-Strain and age: autoflower feminized cheese strain almost 3 weeks old
-Climate: about 80 degrees In tent and r/h 50%
- Light used: LED, 1000 watt. Light cycle was doing 24/7 on. Changed to 18/6 one day ago.
-Additional info: noticed changes about 4 days ago.How fast did symptoms appear? Plant was fine until I used some rain water that I was able to catch in a cooler and then the next day it started to change color. Has continued to get more yellow once I transplanted it into its final pot from a plastic cup.
I wouldn't worry too much about the first few sets of leaves. They'll get removed during veg anyways. The burnt leaf tips/tips pointing down indicate your soil is a little high in nitrogen for the young one, but the new growth isn't showing any signs, so you may be good now and she just needed to get a little bigger. End of week 4 through week 5-6 get some LST going. A little bending goes a long ways for yield. Bill Ward on Youtube has great tutorials on it.

Did you mix that living soil concentrate throughout the whole 5gal? Sounds like a great water-only approach. With the super soil concentrate I got, I'm gonna fill the bottom 1/3 of a 5gal pot with the concentrate mixed with soil and soil on the top 2/3.
Oh ok sounds good. I didn’t know they would fall off but that’s good news I’ll just focus more on leaves above those. What would be a good way to get nitrogen levels down? I’m lookin forward to lst to so how much larger the plant will get. I checked them videos out.

ya I mixed the concentrate throughout the soil. Are you getting good results with putting your concentrate mix on the bottom of the soil?
I know that NLS says it is ok to mix their product with COCO but we have seen way to many problems with that mix here on AFN. It looks like it is too "hot" in your case. It may work better with peat as the base? They don't tell you how much lime or dolomite lime they include so there is really no way to know how much if any calcium or magnesium may be needed? If you are to believe them the answer is none. " Our concentrate contains all organic ingredients including all the nutrients your plant will need from seed to harvest." If you are using RO water you should be able to add 50 PPM of cal-mag to bring the water to a soft tap water level. I would not go over that. Too much Cal-Mag is the number one reason a plant ends up in the infirmary.

Do not layer soil. The physics of how water moves through soil dictates that water will stop moving at a stratification until the soil above is saturated. This can cause dry pockets in your pot. Roots and soil microbes will die in these pockets. A cannabis tap root can grow 9 inches in three days and the laterals will be close behind. If the tap root hits a dry pocket or soil that is too hot it will slow down or stop growing all together. This will stunt a plant. Homogeneous soil is best.
Since you're using a living soil mix, I wouldn't worry too much about the extra nitrogen. The microbes will fed your plant with the organic amendments in the concentrate. One thing I would recommend would be to use a microbial tea once every week or two like Recharge. There's some great benefits with using that synergistically with your living soil. I also wanted to ask, did you let your soil mix sit for a few weeks before planting? I know with my super soil concentrate, it recommends letting it 'cook' in the soil for a couple weeks to get the microbial life up and active.

ManOGreen makes a good point that you're using coco - so there could be some variables there to consider. As for putting the concentrate/soil mix in the bottom 1/3, and soil 2/3, haven't done it yet, but will be testing it out next month.
Thanks man o green I’m gunna go ahead and drop the amount of cal mag I was adding and just keep monitoring it. This is all great info for the next one I get goin. Ya I guess I was using way to much and didn’t think about all that was in the nls that would help the plant grow.
I ordered some recharge and it will be in today. I heard that was one way to try and get the plant back to a healthier state. No I didn’t let it sit before planting. I mixed it all together and planted seed once it was done germinating.