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Aug 8, 2013
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SeedBank : BLK seeds

Strain: ChemDawg

Did it autoflower?: NA (Photo)

Soil/hydro: Grown in coco perlite mixed 50/50 and watered once daily. Nutes were mixed in everyday.

Nutes: Advanced Nutrients coco full flowering line up used as directed but at 1/4 the strength. I also used the A.N coco bloom base nutes for veg stage with no other additives.

Light (kind and schedule): I used three 380 watt LED's ran at 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower

From seed to harvest date: 126 days

Dry Yield: 140g from two plants

High/Effect Duration: About 1.5 hrs when smoked in small amounts.


BAG APPEAL: Rating 3. I found the bag appeal to moderate it looks like your average everyday weed.

THE GROWTH: Rating 4. The veg growth was fairly quick with good side branching and tight internodes. In flower it had minimal stretch to the point I should have vegged longer to get a better yield. I vegged for 10 weeks and flowered in 3 gallon pots in half of a 4X4 grow tent. They also were not really suited for lst. They were very difficult to try and bend safely. I did top the plants and they responded fairly well but side branches didn't seem to want to catch up to the tops I made. I can say she is VERY Indica in her grow pattern.

THE SMELL: Rating 4. During flower it slowly switched from a sweet smell to an extremely sweet smell like juicy fruit gum and candy. It by far has been my favorite smelling plant so far. After drying it switched to a sweet green tea smell very interesting.

THE SMOKE: Rating 5. The flavor is a little hint of bitter followed by an overwhelmingly sweet smoke. I also have notice hints of other flavors but its hard to pin down but fruit is in there some where.....Maybe slightly citrus.

: Rating 4. The high was very relaxing with out being couch lock. It lasted about and hr or so when smoked in small amounts. It aided in sleeping and to prevent racing thoughts. I was also able to concentrate better then usual and focus on any task needed to be completed.

Possible Medical use for: Anxiety, Depression, Nerve type pain and stress



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:baked:Missed it! :doh: Cheers Clix, and thank you for the report! The effects sound spot-on, probably a good dose of linalool in this strain,... odd, you didn't get some of the usual Chem D' fuelly-stank, but that's life with pheno's for ya,....:pass::slap:
Nice report! :thanks:

I have the auto verson growing. It is a very promissing plant also.