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One more step Completed in Operation Asian Haze Seed making! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
I've got one gallon little throw away pots to transplant them in.
They're going into the tent with the autos. I'm not running the autos as hard as the other girls, but I think I'm going to raise up the Autos so that the clones won't get that much light.
I'm estimating I have probably another two weeks left on these autos before they get chopped. More than likely by then I will probably pick the best of the clones and transplant them into three gallon bags.

I'm too high right now to remember which one I need to flip first, the ones I'm gonna flip to males or the ones just going to be the females.

If I get the timing right, I'll just let them fertilize the females naturally............... And maybe help along a little bit too. Now if I missed the timing, too early for the males, I guess the best bet is to collect the pollen.


Any input from me guys would be helpful and appreciated next next point

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I a lot of the time self my projects and will reverse a lower branch on a single plant to pollinate itself. So most of mine the male is the female and they go into flower at the same time. I personally prefer to collect the pollen and apply it by hand . I'm not a big fan of open pollination especially with more than one stud.
I a lot of the time self my projects and will reverse a lower branch on a single plant to pollinate itself. So most of mine the male is the female and they go into flower at the same time. I personally prefer to collect the pollen and apply it by hand . I'm not a big fan of open pollination especially with more than one stud.
I'm going to play around with a couple of things.
I just had Almost two lbs of cannabis leaves and stems laying around in the grow room. That's way too much to feed to the worms at one time and I already have plenty of my concoction of worm food in the freezer. So what is a cheap bastard supposed to do with all that?

Why make some FPJ in my little small bucket! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :eyebrows: :eyebrows:
I sat watching the Netflix series Warrior while I mindlessly chopped up The leaves with scissors in the bucket.

I weighed all the chopped leaves and then measured out the same amount in my unrefined raw sugar. I put a little bit of leaves and a little bit of sugar until it was all gone. I let it set for about 30 minutes and then mixed it up very thoroughly. Once all of these were thoroughly wet from the osmotic pressure of the sugar, I let it sit for about 30 or 40 minutes. I then put a little over an ounce of expanded EM1. I then mixed it up thoroughly again and put a decently thick sugar cap on the top.` As I was mixing the EM one in I could already see a layer of water that the sugar had already pulled out of the leaves!

I don't think this will take long at all to get down to about 3.5 pH.

All the Earthboxes got their reservoirs filled. It kind of surprised me that Sour Stomper needed hers filled.

It was RO water with humic acid, a tiny touch of surfactant and the Rootwise inoculate for a flower along with the enzymes.
I think I need to add a little bit of readily available nitrogen to the girls in the 4x4 tent. It just may be they are growing at such a rate, the new growth is a little light in color. Older growth is fine. I think if I wait for them to be dried down enough I'll add some Blue Gold Flower with fish and a dose of aminos. I think that will work well with the Rootwise. I think we're still early enough in flower that is not gonna cause any problems with the nitrogen.

The canopy in the 4 x 4 is looking pretty decent.

A bit of flash to show the baby buds!

The 2X4 tent is nothing but a jungle! I'd be happy if they stopped stretching ! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::haha::haha:

They are seeing just over 1100ppfd


Flash porn for the autos in the 3x3 tent. I really do think that this size tent with the gorilla height, I think it requires a 6 inch exhaust fan to run the tent more efficiently. I have the fan currently running full blast. I do think it's time that I begin to lower my VPD and temperature to help preserve the Terps A bit better. I think I'm going to take the old 4 inch fan I had on the small tint and add it as a feed to the tent. I can run it at two or three and then be able to back off the exhaust fan.


I do need to see if I can open up that top of Sour Stomper. That little group is just getting too fat. This phones flash pictures do suck. That cheap Battery eating camera takes better flash.
Well, the girls regulated to growing outside continue to improve!
I'm very happy with their progress! They definitely got fully watered yesterday! It came a downpour!
I'm definitely in the path of what's left of the hurricane. We already have some disturbances up here already but nothing directly from the hurricane. Tomorrow rainy will increase and is 100 percent chance of rain. I'll probably just leave them where they're at. They'll be needing watering three days after tomorrow anyway so it's not gonna matter that much I don't think. Maybe if we'd had several rains this week, I might think about it. Now we got several spots on the porch if need be.
I do think I'm going to go ahead and get some of the Montana grow silica and add some to the topsoil and shake it down through the hay. I think these girls are going to need all the toughness they can get. I definitely still need to get my ass in gear and at least give them the first treatment of Rot block.
Do you ever wonder what your girls do when the lights are out? I think mine are getting visited by Someone/something with growth hormones injecting the girls at night! This morning, like others, I open the tent the first thing in the morning and am surprised by the change of growth.

The 2X4 tent is just plain out of control. The next photo run there will be only one Earthbox junior! :rofl: :rofl:
At this moment, I wish the tent was a Gorilla for the extra height! I definitely have been fighting wanting to do a heavy defoliation. I have a thought, though. If I do a heavy defoliation, it might slow that Upward growth a bit. I just don't want to Have to do that. I don't know, but I think I'm just going to let it ride.

I think what's on the slate for today is the 3x3 tent. I'm going to raise up all the girls in the tent on platforms and raise the lights to keep the same ppfd. I definitely think it's time for at least the Asian haze clones to go in to the little one gallon bags. I think .I can get the girls high enough that the par figures are gonna be low enough for the clones to do well.

The girls in the 4x4 tent will get A mixture of homemade FAA, Blue Gold Flower And a bit of aminos. Instead of just applying the liquid to the top to just one end of the Earth box, I think I'm going to use the back door for the first time and also apply to the other side. They are just too big to pull out anymore. This will also give me the opportunity to to train the backside. It is a bit tight back there. I do have my worm bin and the CO2 set up back there.
Gotta check the pot weights on the outdoor girls. If they are light enough, I'm just going to leave them outside in the open and let them get rained on. It looks like the effects from the hurricane should be here around noon and we are expected to have localized flooding. This is coming on top of a really heavy downpour we had a couple of days ago.

I got my new wire shelving assembled and placed in the walk in closet and started organizing everything and putting supplies on the shelves. I did have to buy a new set of shelves since everything out in the shop is way too large. It definitely did give me a idea for when I get my grow room built in the shop. With those big wire racks I have out in the shop, they would definitely be handy for growing clones or pheno hunting.
Well I did as described above. And the back door of the tent was just a pain.:face:I'm just too tall of a guy to fit back there and to get low to do the work.

I divided a gallon between the two. When I used a half gallon on the front, I moved to the back. To that gallon I added a dash of humic acid, 15 milliliters of Blue Gold Flower, one teaspoon of aminos and 25 milliliters of FPJ. I substituted the FPJ for the FAA. I thought maybe the FAA might have a bit too much nitrogen with all the other. And I really don't use my FPJ enough. And I also added a tablespoon of molasses for the microbes.

Well there is definitely no loose top dressings on the nutrient mound. The top is completely covered by roots And it is extremely well distributed throughout the entire top for sure. The roots definitely have every bit of The media tied together. I guess the best way to describe it is a firm sponge. It definitely absorbed the water quite quickly.
I reattached all the training and made some additional adjustments. I almost didn't put it back with such a pain as it was doing it in the backside of the tent. The canopy looks a little bit better and hopefully the girls will like what I gave them.

Both girls in the 2X4 tent got their reservoirs filled again with fresh rainwater and a little bit of humic acid. I had to move the lights up again. I'm hoping they'll stop their stretching any day now ! I still have some room but not a whole lot. One of the good things about the SP3000 is that I can move it all the way up to the top of the tent within a couple inches.

I haven't moved up the girls in the 3x3 tent yet. I didn't realize I had used up what I had in the other tents.
The two 3 gallon pots got fully watered with fresh rain water and a little bit of FAA.
Well after fumbling around and moving around some things a couple of different ways, I think I found something that will work until I can get a 6 inch fan for the 3x3 tent.
I took the little ventilation fan that I had in the small Mars tent And just hooked it up to supply air to the tent at a rate where the tent sides would be slack. This took off the head that the exhaust fan was working against to draw air in and could now just remove the air without the head working against drawing air into the tent.
I'll only have to have that set up until I harvest the autos. With them being at day 61, it shouldn't be much longer. They might have 10 days left. For Sour Stomper, that's about five to six days longer than usual. I don't think I will ever Top Sour Stomper again. I'm pretty sure this is the first time that I topped her. I think she is a fine enough producer without having to top. I've never had one to have loose buds. They have always been Nice and extremely firm. I think Pink Panama would be fine topped in an earth box.

First thing this morning will probably be the filling reservoirs of the two girls in the 4x4 tent. I'll go out to the shop to see if I can find something to raise up the autos. If I can't find something I'll just make some more like I did for the Earthboxes way back when. I'll then go ahead and pot up the clones in their one gallon bags. I think that the CrazyS1 Clones are probably ready, as I haven't checked the roots in about a week.
Checked on the outside girls just about the sunset. At least the spot that I have them this year gets the very last bit of the sun. It's funny too I go out there same time and the girls are like Solar panels with sun tracking ability and they have their leaves pointing to the sun and getting the last bit of it!

I think I'm seeing that SuperTrainWreck is beginning flower!

Another milestone of Project Asian Haze! The clones have been transplanted!
I picked what I thought were the 8 best. Crazy S1 clones are not ready yet.
Got all the other girls raised up and they are all seeing around 650. Clones are probably seeing right at 150.
I don't know how long these things will stay in these bags. I think I'm going to be watering the hell out of these things! I don't think I can over water them!:rofl::rofl:

I think I'll definitely consider retransplanting these into three gallon pots.

On the left is where I'm forcing in the air into the tent.
First thing this morning, all the photo girls in Earth boxes got their reservoirs filled.
Today's breakfast drink for the girls was RO water with humic acid, A little bit of surfactant, 4 ounces of fermented insect frass and two ounces of fermented alfalfa.
CBD Skunk Haze In the 2X4 tent continues to rage upwards. I have about 6 or 7 more inches until I'm out of Room with the ratchets. I could gain about two more inches if I just zip tied the light mounts to the top center pole. This girl definitely needed more room or a shorter veg time.

All the girls were flipped to 12/12 on the 22nd of last month and showed signs of flower five days later on the 27th. About how long does the stretch last on this particular girl? I definitely don't want to have to resort to supercropping but I may have to do that. At least I know the next run I'll either have to flip her earlier or only have one girl in an earth box inside that 2X4 tent.
The CBG girl that I screwed up on and put outside is doing quite well and it's making a comeback.
I checked a little bit ago and SuperTrainWreck is beginning flower! :headbang: :headbang:
I did see one of those tiny spiders. That was the only place that I had any problems on Asian haze when I grew her outdoors. The only rot was where the spiders made their nest.
Rockblock gets the nod tomorrow and I'm going to see what my fermented garlic Looks like and see if I can't repel some stuff!:grrr1: